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We've been walking for hours!
I need to do that thing, you know, where you don't move for a long time?
Alright, we should probably set up for the night anyway, it's getting dark.
There are dangerous creatures in the night, you know.
Sure there is, and my name's Jason!
Welcome back, sethbling here!
Uh, I mean, welcome back, I'm the voice inside your head!
Hey, I know you!
Who are you talking to?
Nobody, say nobody.
Uh, nobody.
I'm, uh, gonna go get some firewood.
I think it would be better if he didn't found out you were talking to a voice inside your head.
Uh, ok. Who are you again?
Alright, let's start a fire!
Where'd you get all that wood?
I found it.
Hey! Where'd my wood go?
How long do we have to keep going?
I don't know, but we'll get there, we have to.
The book says that Notch is the creator, which means he created me too.
I just want to find out what my purpose is, why I'm here.
With the book showing us the way, we'll be able to find out.
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English Subtitles by Peso255
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An Egg's Guide to Minecraft - Part 8 - Where'd my wood go? (Minecraft Animation)

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VoiceTube published on July 4, 2013
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