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  • Oh, blast it.

  • Oh hi, didn’t see you there!

  • I’m Philip from Kliks Industries, and today I’ve got a very special video to show you.

  • Can my Geforce 1080

  • -Part of my Dino PC-

  • -do 1080p gaming?

  • HMMMM. It’s a difficult one. Is it up to the task, or does it look at it,

  • do a full 1080 and walk away again?...

  • Well just have to play on to find out!

  • Thanks Philip. Yes were going to start this test with Deus Ex, since if we don’t

  • do it then nobody’s going to ask for it. Now were going to set it to the Ultra preset

  • but this isn’t enough- were going to take it further by turning the anisotropic

  • filtering up to an eye popping 16x! Now why don’t games just set it to 16x by default?

  • You might ask. And that’s because the impact on framerates tends to be catastrophic. But

  • sometimesyouve just got to let go and embrace what youve become.

  • Okay so at HD on ultra and with 16X anisotropic filtering and you can see that were getting

  • at least 70 FPS at all times. Frametimes are low, there’s no tearing or quantum duplexing

  • going on, it’s all very solid feeling around the main hub district. 4K however is out of

  • the question even with the DX12 patch- this in my opinion is wrong. But the world doesn’t

  • care about right or wrong. It's all about power. And right now, none of us have it.

  • But with that being said, Deus Ex is a game that we can safely say is playable at 1080p,

  • even with just a lowly Geforce 1080 card. Even Adam Jensen looks impressed.

  • Why it sure did a good job there! But what about this game?...

  • Next up: can it run Crysis 3? I set it to absolute max- and yes, that also includes

  • an eye-gouging 16x anisotropic filtering! But can it dig it?

  • Yes, it can, most of the time above 60 FPS though at points it drops a frame or so below

  • it. But I have a confession to make: 4K has spoiled me. Returning to HD is a bit like

  • trying to game on a TV screen. I think that perhaps games are approaching a level of detail

  • where HD isn’t enough to do it justice any more. It’s as though theyre trying to

  • cram in too many effects to too few pixels. I would much rather play this game at 4K on

  • high than at HD on Highest. And to further add to the disappointment, I think the game’s

  • beginning to show its age. Where there’s detail it’s great, but distant areas and

  • high-up trees often lack the detail they’d be given in a game from 2016.

  • Don’t get me wrong: it still looks great. But I think we should all be asking the question:

  • Can it run Crysis 4?’ before long. Hohoho. I’m going to shock you: my Minecraft account

  • got hacked! All they did was to change my profile details, which I’ll be able to change

  • again in a month’s time apparently. But until then GOKILLYOURSELF2 is going to be

  • exploring the amplified world of seed 2kliksphilip. Minecraft isn’t what I’d call a demanding

  • game. But recent updates have let you up the viewdistance -and more importantly the anisotropic

  • filtering - to INSANE levels! So although it looks like it’s running at hundreds of

  • FPS, if we find a nice spot to perch… …no!


  • Urgh! After this I floated about for a bit at sub-60 FPS until it suddenly went super

  • laggy and unplayable until I quit it. Not a good result.

  • Well, it looks like it’s that time of the month that weve all been waiting for.

  • Conclusion time.

  • Can the Geforce 1080 do 1080p gaming?

  • Well, as weve seen, from the benchmarks, in most titles it can. HOWEVER, there are

  • still some select situations where if you have the anisotropic filtering turned too

  • high up, it fails to hit that all important 60 FPS minimum standard. Even at HD resolutions.

  • It seems that 2016 isn’t the year of 4K.

  • Sadly, that’s all the time weve got right now.

  • I hope youve liked this video. If so then like, subscribe and share with all your friends

  • and family and, partnersand all those inbetween.

  • So until next time

  • …I’m Philip.

Oh, blast it.

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Nvidia GTX 1080 8 GB: Can it run 1080p gaming?

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