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  • Hi, this is Brad Browning, and in this video, I’m going to be talking about how to act

  • around your ex. So you broke up with your ex but youre still constantly hanging around

  • with them. This isn’t actually something that I recommend doing. Normally it’s better

  • to completely ignore your ex for a while after the breakup, but sometimes the situation requires

  • you to see your ex on a regular basis. And that can be a very awkward and unfortunate

  • situation, especially if you still have a thing for your ex. But before you panic or

  • break down, I have some tips on how to act when youre around your ex-boyfriend or

  • ex-girlfriend. Number one: always be calm, cool, and collected.

  • Many of the men and women I counselled tell me that they break down whenever theyre

  • around their ex. This sort of behavior will definitely negatively impact their chances

  • of him or her back, so you need to convey to your ex that youre completely indifferent.

  • Number two: don’t be mean to your ex. A lot of people will feel resentful after a

  • breakupespecially if it was a messy one. But if you want to have a good relationship

  • with your ex and possibly have a chance of getting them back, then you can’t be mean

  • to them. Doing so will only alienate your ex and he or she won’t ever want to spend

  • any time with you. Now if your breakup was messy and your ex is still holding on to some

  • hard feelings, then you may need to take some steps to reconcile with them before you do

  • anything else. For tips on how to do that, just watch the free video at my website

  • and I’ll talk more about that there. Tip number three: just like I said earlier

  • not to be mean to your ex, don’t be too nice either. If youre too nice to your

  • ex, he or she will get the idea that you want them back. And if you actually want your ex

  • back, then you probably know from watching my other videos, this is not the way to go

  • about it. You have to act indifferent. So don’t be too mean and don’t be too happy.

  • Tip number four: don’t bring up anything serious. Remember, youre not together anymore,

  • so there’s no reason to start unnecessary drama. Drama will only push your ex further

  • and further away. Just like in point number one, youve got to remain cool and remain

  • civil when youre around your ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend.

  • Number five: this is really important. Have fun with your ex. While you shouldn’t be

  • paying too much attention to your ex, there’s no reason to have a bad time. Be jovial and

  • your ex will really appreciate it, and if youre trying to get your ex back, you should

  • also be flirting with your ex as well. Remember, the reason why he or she doesn’t want you

  • back is because theyve lost their attraction for you. You have to reignite that attraction

  • and flirting is one of the best ways to do that and rebuild that attraction.

  • And finally number six: act happy. Remember youre trying to your ex that everything

  • is okay. Theyre not going to feel very good if youre desperate and depressed.

  • That will just repel them away and hurt your chances of getting back together. Instead,

  • cheer up and convey to your ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend that your life is in order

  • and everything is going great. Even if youre not happy, just pretend. Put on a happy face.

  • If your goal is to attract your ex back into your life, then being sad or depressed isn’t

  • going to work. Human beings are hardwired to be drawn towards happy and positive people.

  • Okay, so hopefully these tips will leave you better prepared for any interaction with your

  • ex. If you have a unique situation or you want some advice on what to do in your particular

  • scenario, just leave a comment below this video and I’ll do my best to answer your

  • question. Also please take a second to like this video and subscribe to my Youtube channel

  • for more advice videos. Thanks for watching and good luck!

Hi, this is Brad Browning, and in this video, I’m going to be talking about how to act

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