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  • Do you know how to switch to your dedicated AMD graphics card from Intel HD graphics card in

  • your laptop or you don’t know if your games are utilizing the dedicated graphics card?

  • Well this time I show you how to switch to your dedicated AMD graphics card for your

  • games!

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  • Now lets get started. First click on the battery icon and select high performance. This will

  • put your laptop to its full potential.Now right click and select graphics properties. Go to

  • power and select powerplay. Put the plugged in option to maximize performance and click

  • on apply. Then go to switchable graphics global settings and like previous time click on the

  • plugged in option and select maximize performance. Make sure to apply the settings. This will

  • put your graphics card to perform to its full potential instead of thinking about the battery

  • life when plugged in or charging.

  • Now go to Switchable graphics application settings. Here you can choose which applications

  • or games you want to use the dedicated graphics card for. For example I want my Fifa 15 to run

  • with the dedicated graphics card. So I click on add applications and go to the folder Fifa 15 is in.

  • When the game is added then from graphics settings choose high performance.

  • So the game will utilize the dedicated graphics card now instead of the built in Intel HD

  • graphics. By this way you can add all the games and programs to take advantage of the

  • dedicated graphics card.

  • One more important thing to keep in mind for better gaming performance is that you should

  • always run your games with the charger plugged in. Otherwise your games will not be able

  • to utilize the full performance of your laptop’s processor and graphics card. Also running

  • high graphical games in battery will reduce your battery life. In my previous video I

  • showed how you can optimize your laptop for gaming in 4 easy steps. Click on that I icon

  • to watch that video.

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  • Hope it helps and I will see you in my next video. Bye for now.

Do you know how to switch to your dedicated AMD graphics card from Intel HD graphics card in

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How To Switch From Intel HD Graphics To Switchable AMD Graphics?(Laptop)

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