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John: Hey, John Sonmez from simpleprogrammer.com. Today the video is not a question, kind of
just an observation that I’ve made. So, everyone sort of, kind of has this idea that
someday that they’re going to be rich or they’re going to be a rock star. I’ve
kind of noticed this mentality that a lot of people have. I think it’s really a mentality
that prevents you from actually going out and doing things that are going to actually
lead you down the path of becoming rich or a rock star.
Let me talk a little bit more about what I mean by this. Maybe you suffer from this as
well, because I found that a lot of people kind of subconsciously have this mentality.
They think—what this is is thinking that someday, someday in the future I’ll have
a mansion. Someday in the future I’ll be famous or I’ll be rich or whatever it is
and they live their life that way. You can think of it this way is if you ever see something
like a movie where someone’s rich or famous or whatever and you think about how—you
just assume that someday you’re going to reach that. You never assume that that won’t
happen to you, right? Because most people really do honestly think this.
You have to do some digging to figure this out, but it’s apparent in the way that you
live your life because people just assume that good things are going to happen to them
very often. Maybe you’re guilty of this. I know I was at some point. Once I started
to figure this out and started taking action it changed things around for me. A lot of
times you might just feel like—it’s kind of hard to describe, but this idea that these
things are—things are just going to happen, things are just going to go your way eventually
and it’s so far off that you don’t see the path for getting there so you just think,
okay, well, maybe someday, if you’re young in your 20s you think, “Well, when I’m
40 or 50 I’ll make it” or “I’ll do this thing” or “I’ll be super successful.”
It’s actually a very dangerous belief because it limits you from actually accomplishing
the thing. If you believe that you’re going to get there anyway it’s kind of like the
tortoise and the hare. You think about that Aesop fable. The hare is so confident, he’s
like, “Yeah, I’m going to win the race, I’m super fast” so he goes and he runs
and he takes a break and he’s not trying his hardest because he just assumes he’ll
eventually get there. That’s how I feel that a lot people think of life is they think,
well, someday I’m going to be a rock star, someday I’m going to be famous, someday
I’m going to be rich, someday this is going to happen. Even maybe not even grand dreams,
a lot of people are just like in complete disillusionment about their own retirement.
They think that someday their 401K is going to be magically—is going to be able to sustain
them when there’s no signs that show that it ever will.
That can happen with your career, right? You might think, oh, someday I’ll be the architect
or the CEO of the company or I’ll be an executive but you’re not going to just by
having that thought. You actually have to take action and do things.
My advice to you would be to think about this and see if you have this fallacy. Again, it’s
probably subconscious. I think most people really just think that someday everything
is going to work out for them. Even in relationships people think this as well. They’re like,
“Oh, someday I’ll find this perfect person for me or my soul mate.” They don’t actually
ever take action in any of these things because they just assume it’s going to work out.
The reality of the situation is people that do become rich and famous and successful and
executives and CEOs of Pepsi or whatever it is, what they do is they bust their butt.
They work really hard. They have a dream, they have a vision, but they have a plan to
get there. If you just assume that something is going to come that’s going to fall on
your lap you don’t make a plan. Just like the hare who didn’t have a game plan for
his race he just assumed he’s going to win then he doesn’t try very hard, he doesn’t
have a plan. He doesn’t put that in place. I’d encourage you if you feel like you’re
in that in place to just take some moment, take a moment and think about reality and
think about how that’s not going to automatically happen. You’re not automatically going to
become a celebrity someday. You’re not automatically going to become rich someday. Maybe that will
scare you and then you can think about what is your plan. How could you get to where you
want to get and come up with an actual plan and start taking action today?
I think, again, a lot of people the reason why they don’t take action, the reason why
they’re lives just go on and they never actually accomplish anything is because of
this, because they just assume that someday so far off that you can’t even imagine it
that you don’t have to really bring reality into it they’re going to achieve some kind
of ridiculous goal or dream that they’re not even setting out to do.
Don’t be that kind of person. Be the kind of person that actually sets goals, realistic
goals and does action to achieve them and you’re going to be a lot happier and successful
in life and you won’t be later on in your life wondering where your youth went and the
dreams that you never accomplished because you just assumed that they’re going to fall
in your lap. Anyway, that’s my advice for today. Hopefully it’s helpful to you. If
you have a question for me you can email me at [email protected] I’m happy
to do a video. As always, subscribe to the channel. Take care.
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How Everyone Thinks They'll Someday Become Rich

313 Folder Collection
bill published on April 24, 2017
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