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it's Christmas
well not quite Christmas it's nearly
Christmas and so I thought this would be
a good time to talk about Christmas
now i know not everybody celebrates
however in the UK a lot of people do
celebrate Christmas and not always for
religious reasons so I thought it would
be a good idea for me to talk to you
about Christmas what it means to us some
of the traditions that some of us have
here in the UK and explain some of the
vocabulary now i have just done a
festive vocabulary pronunciation list
well that's a tongue twister if ever
there was one a festive vocabulary
pronunciation list so if you would like
to hear these words pronounced clearly
for you then why not head over there and
practice that after you finished
watching this video
yes don't leave me just yet wait until
this video is finished then go watch
that video so Christmas is of course a
religious festival it's all about
celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ
and many of you may know the story of
the Nativity Mary and Joseph giving
birth to baby Jesus in a outhouse
because there was no room at the inn and
the three wise man and all that kind of
stuff but for a lot of us
christmas is more to do with spending
time with your family having time off
work having Christmas dinner with the
people that you love and care about
giving and receiving presence is about
Santa Claus and celebration and hope for
the future
every year we Brits complain that
Christmas is starting earlier and
earlier they're not just advertising in
december or mid-november then now some
shops are advertising in September
it's crazy but Christmas is a very
commercially lucrative time of year we
spend a lot of money on gifts and food
and treats for ourselves and for the
people that we love so let's go to the
first of december many of us will have
what's called an advent calendar which
is a calendar which you open a new
window every day and it helps you to
keep track of how many days left till
Christmas and inside each window will be
a chocolate if you get a chocolate
advent calendar and most of us do
because otherwise what's the point as
you're running up to Christmas you start
preparing by buying things like
christmas jumpers we'll have Christmas
earrings silly hats if we would have set
up our christmas decorations with our
Christmas tree lights and tinsel bore
balls and star or an angel at the top of
the tree and then we start hunting for
Christmas presence now when we buy the
perfect presence then we have to wrap
them up in Christmas wrapping make sure
that's an are not a w because the W is
silent or wrapping paper to wrap the
presence and then we place the presents
underneath the Christmas tree and we
wait and we wait until we get to
christmas eve and christmas eve the
children and the adults sometimes we'll
put out a Christmas stocking or a
pillowcase now a Christmas stocking is
just a huge stock and it's basically
there to fill with trinkets lots of
lovely little goodies like oranges
chocolates stationary I don't know
little bit of jewelry or just little not
so expensive gifts for the children to
have first thing in the morning because
they're so excited they wake up at like
five in the morning running down to see
if Santa Claus
whoo-hoo and his reindeer Rudolph the
red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny
have arrived to come down the chimney
I don't know why he doesn't just use the
front door and place lots of gifts and
drink it under the tree and something in
the stocking so then Christmas morning
arrives and that's when we all do our
present opening normally they'll be a
different tradition in each House as to
what they have for breakfast or who they
see for Christmas morning but then the
big event on christmas day is Christmas
this is usually a roast and you'll have
all the trimmings which means all the
extra bits and bobs like stuffing and
pigs in blankets and roast potatoes
cranberry source is just incredibly
delicious food apart from Brussels
sprouts Brussels sprouts you either love
them or you hate them I hate them but
they're very good for you
so then you gorge on Christmas dinner
and after christmas then you'll have
Christmas pudding which sometimes people
set fire to the Christmas pudding
there'll be lots of alcohol usually
involved in Christmas lots of wine
champagne secures then after Christmas
to everyone just kind of Lies out in
front of the television and we'll watch
some incredible television some old
movies that been playing again and again
and again every year but everybody loves
and it's just about spending time
together now it does depend on how good
or bad you've been each year as to
whether you get presence because Santa
Claus has a list of all the people who
are nice and all the people who are
naughty and if you're naughty
you won't get a gift so I'm just going
to let you know that I've been very nice
this year
all i want for christmas is for you to
press subscribe
and if you like this video to give it a
thumbs up now I'd love to know what you
want for christmas so please do tell me
in the comments box below what you like
for Christmas and if there's anything I
can do for you like a particular video
that you like the scene then put it in
the comments box below and as it's
nearly Christmas i'll try and do that
for you sound like a deal if you're not
already following me on social media
then please do check out all the links
in the comments box below and if you are
an English language learner and you've
not yet discovered my community then why
not head over to www.vitac.com me I hope
you all have a wonderful winter festive
season whether you celebrate Christmas
or not have a wonderful time
lots of love i see you in the next video
nah nah
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A British Christmas: Traditions

455 Folder Collection
wendy published on April 21, 2017
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