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  • Hi, hello!

  • I'm Boris Johnson and I'm the Mayor of London. As a kid we used to love going to

  • the British Museum and I would spend hours loitering in the Duveen

  • Gallery looking at the Elgin Marbles.

  • There are so many unbelievable

  • jewels in London and

  • all sorts of things to enjoy. It's very very

  • important to see the Tower of London, the biggest building

  • that we have remaining from Norman times

  • so go and see the Tower of London, go and see the the crown jewels.

  • And then you've got the biggest modern art museums in the world.

  • Tate Modern has more visitors than any other museum.

  • There is more green space in London

  • than in any city in the world.

  • Do you know what I like doing? I'm getting on my bike and cycling

  • east through Victoria Park, right the way to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park,

  • which is now connected up to the rest of East London

  • and coming up in the most extraordinary way.

  • I particularly like walking

  • down the canal, I take my wife

  • we walk down for a purpose, which is not just that it's romantic and beautiful,

  • but because there is a pub called Narrow Boat

  • which sells fantastic sausage and mash.

  • London is very different from any other city in the world,

  • in that I think it's gentler,

  • and the architecture is unbelievably interesting.

  • All the historic stuff is set off by this very very daring

  • 21st century modern stuff and it's absolutely beautiful to look at

  • as you can see today.

  • And nowhere else is like that.

Hi, hello!

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The London Story - Boris Johnson

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