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- Please don't make me go.
You can keep homeschooling me.
- I taught you everything I know.
No more argument, okay? We discussed this ad nauseam.
- What's ad nauseam?
- You don't know? Well, looks like someone needs school.
- [Students] Good morning, Miss Stevenson.
- Who can tell me what three plus three is?
- Everyone knows it's six.
- Mary, can you stand up, please?
Can you tell me what 57 multiplied by 135 is?
Okay. Who can-- - 7695.
The square root is 87.7 and change.
Now what does ad nauseam mean?
♫ I listen to the wind, to the wind of my soul
- I think your niece may be gifted.
- I am good friends with the headmaster of the Oaks Academy for Gifted Education.
- No. I promised my sister I'd give Mary a normal life.
I think she's gotta be here.
♫ I've sat upon the setting sun
- Who's that lady in front of our door?
- That would be your grandmother.
- Holy sh-- (paper rips)
- It's a MacBook, darling.
- What are you doing here?
- You are denying the girl her potential.
How many seven year olds are doing advanced calculus?
- You forgot the negative sign on the exponent.
- Mary, why didn't you say anything?
- Hank says I'm not supposed to correct older people.
Nobody likes a smart-ass.
- We petition the court to grant my client full custody of the child.
- No! No!
- You're gonna take that girl.
You're gonna loan her out to some think tank where she can talk nontrivial zeros
with a bunch of old Russian guys for the rest of her life.
- And you'd bury her under a rock.
- Evelyn, stop!
I'm raising her how I believe Diane would have wanted.
♫ Do you need a reason ♫ We should commit treason
- If anybody takes that baby away, I'll smother you in your sleep.
- My sister wanted Mary to be a kid.
She wanted her to have friends and to be happy.
- Tell us, do you have health insurance?
- No.
- Did you spend the night in jail? - Objection!
- What's your greatest fear?
- That I'll ruin Mary's life.
- Mary! - Mary.
- Mary! - Uh-uh!
- She's bossy.
- I've heard that.
♫ Valleys of the young
- He's a good person. He wanted me before I was smart.
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Gifted Official Trailer 1 (2017) - Chris Evans Movie

1195 Folder Collection
Elisa Chen published on April 20, 2017
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