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  • When I was a kid I used to live in a predominantly white neighborhood.

  • Mostly Portuguese, Italians, and Polish.

  • Having only lived in Canada for a few years, I was still getting used to the different cultures that made up my school.

  • And as a kid, I gotta admit I became self-conscious of the exotic foods that I brought for my classmates to see.

  • You know, I take out my rice and chicken adobo or literally what I normally eat at home for lunch, but in a pack container.

  • And then you got my classmates bringing their lunchables like cheese and crackers with processed ham.

  • And then sometimes they put in a chocolate bar, like, what?

  • Though it seemed like a meal to them, it didn't for me, but vice versa, they thought I was weird, too.

  • My biggest concern is, though, revolved around the snacks I brought.

  • You see there's this Filipino snack called sweet corn.

  • And it has an uncanny resemblance to corn pops.

  • I brought some to school one day in a sandwich bag.

  • And a classmate come up to me and excitedly asked:

  • "Hey, can I have some? I love those!"

  • And in my head I'm like...

  • "Wow, my non-Filipino classmate is not only aware of this Filipino snack, but enjoys consuming it like I do!"

  • Nice!

  • She reaches in, takes a handful and stuffs them in her mouth, chews for two seconds and immediately changes her expression to the disgusting regret.

  • "Ew, ew, ew, what is this?"

  • "Er...sweet corn."

  • "I thought it was corn pops. Ew, it's disgusting."

  • "You're disgusting..."

  • In later occasions, more classmates would repeat the same mistake, even after being warned.

  • "Oh, dude, I love those!"

  • "Are you sure? I don't think it's what you think it is."

  • "No, no, corn pops, right?"

  • "No, no, no, no, sweet corn!"

  • "Yeah, yeah, sweet corn pops, whatever."

  • "Can I have some?"

  • Aw, ew! You didn't listen.

  • Honestly, they probably only found it gross because it's not what they presumed it to be.

  • The same thing happened when I brought those shrimp chips, too.

  • "Oh, man, can I have a french fry?"

  • "'s...they're not fries."

  • "Don't lie, those are totally fries!"

  • "I'm not. I'm really not."

  • Ewwww! What the fuck did I just say? You little bitch.

When I was a kid I used to live in a predominantly white neighborhood.

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