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When I was a kid I used to live in a predominantly white neighbourhood,
mostly Portuguese, Italians and Polish.
Having only lived in Canada for a few years, I was still getting used to the different cultures that made up my school.
And as a kid, I gotta admit I became self-conscious of the exotic foods I brought for my classmates to see.
You know, I take out my rice and chicken adobo or literally what I normally eat at home for lunch, but in a pack container.
And then you got my classmates bringing their lunchables like cheese and crackers with process ham,
and then sometimes they put in a chocolate bar, like, what?
Though it seem like a meal to them, it didn't for me, but vice versa, they thought I was weird, too.
My biggest concern was, though, revolve around the snacks I brought.
You see there's this Filipino snack called sweet corn,
and it has an uncanny resemblance to corn pops.
I brought some to school one day in a sandwich bag,
And a classmate come up to me and excitedly asked,
"Hey, can I have some? I love those!"
And in my head I was like,
"Wow, my non-Filipino classmate is not only aware of this Filipino snack, but enjoys consuming it like I do!"
She reaches in, takes a handful and stuffs them in her mouth,
chews for two seconds and immediately changes her expression to the disgusting regret.
"Ew ew ew, what is this?"
"Er... Sweet corn."
"I thought it was corn pops. Ew, it's disgusting."
"You're disgusting..."
On later occasion more classmates would repeat the same mistake, even after being warned.
"Oh dude I love those!"
"Are you sure? I don't think it's what you think it is."
"No, no, corn pops, right?"
"No no no no, sweet corn!"
"Yeah, yeah, sweet corn pops, whatever."
"Can I have some?"
-Aw, ew! -You didn't listen.
Honestly they probably only found it gross because it's not what they presumed it to be.
The same thing happened when I brought those shrimp chips, too.
"Oh man, can I have a french fry?"
"It...It's... They're not fries."
"Don't lie, those are totally fries!"
"I'm not. I'm really not."
-Ewwww! -What the fuck did I just say? You little bitch.
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Asian Food

72589 Folder Collection
Mii Wei published on July 6, 2017    Mii Wei translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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