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[alarm ringing]
daniel? i need you to get me something from my bag
it's 9AM
[it's 6AM here! stop being lazy]
[i have an interview today but the address was changed and i wrote it in my notebook]
um, problem.
did you lose the bag again?
no, you have a lock on it. what's your combination?
ha, I can't give you my combination
alright. I'm going back to bed then
no no, wait. -sighs- dang it
Well, what if I give you my combination to make it fair? Does that work?
Uh, I guess so. Just promise me you won't go through any of my stuff okay?
Daniel: [Of course]
*sigh* Okay.. 1525
[okay. my combination is-]
got it!
...wait how did you-
[0000? isn't that the default combination?]
yeeeah, 'cause that's the last thing anyone would think...of.
um, actually i need something from my bag too
(together) whoa!
it's like...a women's department store exploded in here
[whatever, at least my bag isn't really...really..../organized/]
was that a comeback?
[you're uptight]
what is it that you need? assuming i can even find it in here
[it's a small notebook and there's an address on the last page]
wow, you do a lot of writing
[just the last page, Daniel. no wandering eyes]
sorry, i just think it's kind of cool, that's all. are you a writer?
[aspiring. that's what the interview is for, a big magazine. what about you?]
oh, i'm a location scout
[what's that?]
well, basically, i help find places for film shoots
i take pictures of the conditions throughout the day
[sounds like fun]
yea, it can be. sometimes, it feels like i'm just waiting for the sun and stars to move
[woooow, how poetic, heh. i thought you liked stars though,]
[you made such a big deal about gemini last time]
oh that? that's just something i got into on the side...sorry, about that again
anyway i think i found it, is it this long beach address?
[oh yea!]
[awesome, thank you so much!]
good luck with the interview. see you soon
[oh yea....see you soon]
that....was the cheesiest conversation i've ever heard in my /life/.
what? no, no
as long as you're staying at my place while visiting LA, we're in roomie mode.
and roomies tell each other /everything/
i honestly don't even know what to think, i mean....it was just...unexpected
how come whenever i lose my bag it doesn't end up with a charming, cute guy?
he was /not/ charming and i don't even remember if he /was/ cute
are you excited to meet him?
i, yes? no? i don't know!
look, Jean.
you're dying.
(mouthing) i'm sorry
no i'm not.
okay fine, maybe not, but what if you were? you have to seize the day-
i thought i was, Lyn, i mean, up until a couple nights ago i was ready to meet up with Jeremy out here.
wait. my cousin Jeremy or your ex-boyfriend Jeremy?
because, i don't think my cousin Jeremy is really your type, yanno he's really (mouthing) ugly
my ex. i even...wrote him a letter
awww, you wrote a letter!
do you want me to call the messenger pigeon?
i was feeling really emotional, and i just thought it would be more sentimental to write it by hand.
you cannot get back together with that guy. lemme read it.
roomie mode!
uh, fine, i just, i left it in my bag
oh, no!
daniel has my bag!
so you'll see him in a couple days!
ugh...yea...you're right
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Away We Happened - Ep 2

1078 Folder Collection
keep-going published on April 16, 2017
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