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  • Why Tea is Better Than Coffee

  • Tea is filled with health benefits.

  • Including the ability to possibly help prevent CANCER.

  • What do you got coffee?

  • You punk ass B**ch!

  • Did you know that tea originated 3,000 years before coffee?

  • You need to respect your elders, son!

  • Drinking tea can help calm you down.

  • While drinking coffee turns you into a caffeinated lunatic hell-bent on eating babies.

  • People on coffee crash HARD.

  • But tea drinkers are just like, "Alright, I guess I'll just have some more tea".


  • There's a broad spectrum of tea from white

  • to black to friggin' flowers!

  • Look at that! I just made tea, B**ches!

  • Out of FLOWERS!

  • What does coffee have? Oh, it's just brown bean water!

  • Coffee yellows your teeth, whereas most teas actually contain fluoride to help fight plaque.


  • Making loose leaf tea is a big deal in East Asian countries which is why they have tea ceremonies.

  • They rock that s**t! And it beautiful as hell!

  • Look at that tea unfurl! Mmmm!

  • I feel myself reconnecting with nature with every sip.

  • Coffee grinds just look like poop.

  • Poopy. Poopy. Caca.

  • Look, tea is not just about old ladies and

  • tea parties

  • and old lady tea parties! F**K!

  • In conclusion, tea is the nectar of the GODS

  • and will keep you alive and happy forever.

  • And coffee...well...

  • (fart noise)

  • And coffee, can go f**k itself!

Why Tea is Better Than Coffee

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