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(guitar music)
- Another shipment from the airport.
What do we got?
Not a lot.
Really hot out, didn't wanna risk too much but,
got a full bag
of black ranchus.
We'll be getting those into a tank.
What else did we get?
Hopefully, it's all alive.
Yep, this is a bag full of espei rasboras.
These guys the porkchops, they're a little smaller.
And then, what else did we get here?
Uh oh, that's not good.
That's a bunch of, supposed to be blue angelfish except,
most of them aren't alive, so that's no good but,
that's why we don't ship that much.
Aw, that's just brutal, that's brutal.
Ugh, so I wanna say it's supposed to be like
50 of them or something.
I can count one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, 10, 10 or 12 that are upright
at the moment, so I wanna work on these first.
I'm gonna put the camera down and see if I can't
save any of these.
So here we are, here's the blue angels.
A lot of them are still struggling.
They're definitely ammonia-burned and,
their slime coats are just shot.
You see this guy up here, he's just, covered in gunk.
Hopefully we'll pull them through, you know?
But when they swim like that, it's not a good sign.
What else do we got?
Then we got the rasbora espei.
They're doing better, I can see a couple
of dead bodies in there, but they're starting to eat,
that's an important sign.
Overall, doing pretty good.
And then we got the black ranchus over here.
They're doing okay, you know?
Their slime coat's a little beat up because they
just got through shipping, but that'll repair.
Yeah, so not the worst shipment ever, but not a great one
by any means.
We also got plants in.
Show you some other things, like this is the guppy tank
that, guppies we had to bring in because we sell so many.
I think I might have missed this shipment,
this is from last week.
This is,
250 rummy nose tetras.
Doesn't seem like it when you see it on video but,
you start counting them, there's a lot in there.
These are neon green rasboras.
Here's a group of angels.
Trying to think, I think I showed these ones already.
These are black neons there in quarantine.
Yeah, so,
lots of stuff but,
more shipments as always, you know?
Probably three or four a week at least, so,
tune in for more.
So I thought I'd show you guys some of my new goldfish
that I'm adding to the
studio tank, so to speak.
I've got two large ryukins down here.
One's a veiltail, one's kind of a standard short-tail.
These guys are just kind of beastly.
One has kind of got an eye problem, you know.
So, it's great to go in my tank, 'cause I don't mind,
it's basically blind in one eye.
That's this guy here but, he's big.
You can see my hand here, he's fairly huge,
looking at him from top down.
But we're gonna put him in as soon as he calms down here,
there we go.
So there we go.
There's one big boy in, you can see he's roughly
similar size to the other one there.
And a better color honestly, but you know,
he does have that eye problem there but he
can live with me all the same.
And then, this one's a nice calico ryukin veiltail.
I mean, this thing is beautiful.
Something like this would go over 200.
You can see how big that tail is and everything.
Doesn't like being held, but soon as it calms down,
we'll lift it in as well.
And we can just see that tail there.
Tell me that's not one of the most beautiful fish ever.
That tail is bigger than some of the fish in here,
and these aren't tiny fish by any means,
but you can see just how big that fish is
next to my other big ryukin, the normal one that's in there.
Which he's got a little tumor, but that's why he gets
to live with me instead of being sold.
This guy I just fell in love with and
I actually did sell him to a friend once.
And now I've gotten it back and I'm excited to have
because I didn't want to sell it the first time,
but I always sell fish the first time to customers.
I give them a week to buy them and then after that,
I get to keep what I like and this guy got snatched up
before I got to take him.
So I'm excited to have him back
and have him thriving in my tank.
Also got one more kind of medium to large-sized ranchu
that I'm adding to my collection here.
And it's just a calico.
I've only got baby ranchus in this tank,
so I wanted one that's bigger, and people wanted
to see more of them from the store and stuff.
I just loved his face on him honestly,
his face was really cool.
So he's not tiny and he's not huge like
these ryukins are but, he is definitely a,
nice size there.
Obviously dwarfs that tiny one right there.
But yeah, added some fish.
I've got a few more and some more things to come,
so stay tuned with goldfish.
But I'm just enamored by goldfish, as you guys can
probably already tell and you probably already know.
Yeah, let me know if you guys wanna see more goldfish stuff.
All right, another shipment, here we go.
Get it open here and see what we got.
Every time, how can I do this every time?
I think I'm ready, and I forget this rubber band every time.
I swear, one day, I won't forget this,
and you guys will be impressed, so I don't have
to waste your time.
But lots of bags, as you guys might be able to see here.
I picked a lot of stuff,
so I'm just gonna start pulling it out.
First, red turquoise discus.
We've got, should be six of those.
Float them over here in the discus and quarantine
them all together.
Well let's see here.
Which I would only ever do it from this source.
This source I trust much better than other sources.
Other sources always get quaratined off to the side.
But more discus.
I'm just gonna, this trip's gonna take way too long
if I keep doing that, so I'm gonna find stuff
that's not discus here.
Cobalt blue discus?
I don't know, does that look like cobalt blue to you guys?
Doesn't really look like cobalt blue to me,
that looks more like red turquoise.
Let's see here.
That's cobalt blue.
I'm not so convinced.
What do I got here?
Oh here's a little zebra pleco.
Try and show you that in a tank when it's done,
but let me move some of this stuff out of the way
and we'll keep going.
All right, I got all those discus out of the way,
which I think there was 12 of them or something like that.
Then we've got assassin snails, 25 of those.
And then we've got frogs, gross!
And then we've got pygmy hatchetfish,
you don't see those everyday.
These guys stay about the size you see them
in the bag here.
Definitely gonna go in the quarantine for these guys.
It's already one dead, but they tend to be
fairly sensitive through shipping.
I'll get all these moved out and we'll go to the next layer.
Next layer, let's see what we've got.
We've got Siamese algae eaters.
Still not very big.
Darn it.
I've been having problems getting in large
Siamese algae eaters but, not a lot I can do about that
if they're not coming to the country.
They're just all small.
Let's see what we got next here.
Corydoras paleatus, salt and pepper cories.
18 of those, they look good.
Then we've got, oh yes, here is a jardini.
I ordered it 'cause it's a little bit larger size,
hoping it would be ready to eat pellets right away.
So that will make my employee happy, I'm sure.
Let's see, what else did I get?
Let's go back over to the goodie box.
Corydoras trilineatus, or basically julii cories,
they look to be doing all right.
And then,
we got otocinclus, good.
Always need more of those.
Ember tetras.
I ordered these again even though I still have some
because they came in big, which is good.
And then, last but not least, more trilineatus.
Looks like that's all in there,
nope, nope, that's a lie.
We've got cardinal tetras.
Yeah, I wanna get these all put away
and then we'll probably chime in with how they look
once they hit some water.
Now here's the jardini.
Looks like he's got a little bit of hemorrhaging
in his tail fin.
I don't know if he was getting beat up by other jardinis
or if it's shipping stress but, I've got come zebra danios
from the hunt and we'll see how it goes.
We got meds in the water, obviously.
But hopefully we can turn around, get him on pellets
and get him ready for someone to buy him.
Let's see, down here...
We got the assassin snails, then we've also got
the zebra pleco.
You can see here the assassin snails are overrun
by other snails at the moment.
Let's see, what else did we get?
We brought our other stuff on the sales floor,
like we had all these locally bred angels,
which this is all from one person, by the way,
so when I show other angels, know they're all from them,
one spawn.
But over here, down a few more tanks,
we've got chocolate gouramis.
Just brought those out from quarantine.
Let's see, what else did we bring out?
We brought out, we go down over here.
Brought out the green neon rasbora.
Those are always cool.
Still got the wild caught discus.
And we've got, and these goldfish,
I don't know if I've shown them on camera yet,
but we've got, I've showed them on underwater camera
on the Facebook page. (water lapping)
But big orandas, these are hand size,
and then, big ranchus also.
Size comparison, these guys over here are pretty small.
Then of course, we've got Murphy.
Got the wind blowing on me, so I'm sure this audio
is terrible but, I apologize.
Yeah, so, back in the quarantine room.
Lots more angels, all from the same person.
This is one spawn of angelfish, so this tank,
and this tank, and
this tank here, all filled with angels,
all from one spawn.
Over here, we've got,
supposedly it's a pair of blue acaras.
We'll see how that goes.
And then, I think I showed these off already but oh yeah,
more angels, still from the same spawn.
So yeah, that when I say one spawn of angels
can flood a store, a few spawns can flood a state.
We've got baby black ranchus in here.
But that's all I've got to show off for today I think,
and we'll chime in with the next shipment.
Another small shipment.
Late night, at the airport, let's see what we got.
Special order for a customer, number one.
Oh my god, these are all individually bagged,
I wasn't expecting that.
So panther crabs, they look awesome.
I don't know if you guys can see that yet but,
maybe I'll get him in a tank on another video.
But they look pretty cool.
I would not have thought those were all
gonna be individually bagged.
So I got to turn the camera off and move
a billion panther crab.
All right, up next, we have...
Looks like a gold nugget pleco.
Got three of those in here.
Got some gold frogs.
These are kind of like a leucistic or melanistic frog.
What else do we have?
Oh yeah, I did order this.
This is just a normal adonis in here which,
right there, it's real small.
Now there should be an albino in here,
here we go, here's an albino adonis.
Look at this thing.
Yeah, that's something you don't see everyday,
at least I don't.
Second time I've ever seen one.
Thing's amazing.
So yeah.
For my local customer coming in to buy that,
that thing's awesome.
What else we got?
Oh yeah, Florida flag killifish.
And then, what else?
What is this?
Oh, keyhole cichlids.
And then, I think these are all black moor goldfish.
Yeah, some little black moors.
All right, I think that's all for fish besides,
there's obviously gonna be replications or repeats
of gold plecos and stuff like that.
But next, we'll do the live black room,
show you what, we're limited to what we can get,
but we'll show you anyway.
So I lied, we have some more fish.
We were able to get some pond comets, Sarasa comets.
Come on out.
They look pretty decent, I'm excited about these.
They look to be a decent quality.
The weather's already turned, so they probably won't be
outdoor fish for people, but they can be good pets indoors.
And then, (grunts) 10 pounds live black worms,
which this is amazing, 'cause it's been really hard
to get black worms lately.
We've been out for a few weeks so,
that will make a bunch of people happy,
especially people have like pea puffers, and scarlet badis,
and like a motoro stingray we have which,
I don't know if I've shown that off,
so I'll show you guys some of the stuff that,
I think I missed a shipment.
But like over here, you can see in the quarantine room,
got this motoro stingray,
going through quarantine.
So that's pretty awesome, I think anyway.
Most people enjoy looking at a motoro as well.
What else do we have?
We got rid of a lot of stuff in the quarantine room
just because we're making room to bring stuff in.
Over here, these are those panther crabs,
they're pretty sweet.
I don't know much about them at all, but a customer
special-ordered them, so that's cool.
Down here, we got some ryukins.
Got a calico, some of those Sarasa ryukins,
that kind of stuff.
What else did we bring in?
We also brought in...
I wanna say orandas, right?
We got orandas, I think.
Oh yeah, light is on, we can show that off real quick.
We brought in some more large orandas
and you can see here they're pretty stout-sized fish.
But yeah, still bolstering up our goldfish selection
and more shipments to come.
So, that's just a quick little shipment for you guys.
Still in the middle of the night,
but that's what we got to do.
All these little shipments make up for
kind of a good selection at the store,
and that's what I got to do.
All right, we'll see you later.
Oh man, this albino adonis is sweet.
Look at this thing.
I'm intrigued by it anyways.
I just had to show it off once it hit the tank.
It's obviously not settled in or anything but, I like it.
I really like these Sarasa comets as well.
I just thought they had pretty good finnage,
and yeah, they're not looking great 'cause they just
came out of a bag, but I thought the color on them
was really nice.
I like the patterns, I like the finnage.
So getting them happy and healthy will be pretty good.
Here's the keyholes.
I also put the gold nuggets in there.
They just kicked up a bunch of stuff.
These panther crabs man, these things look cool.
They've really colored up to look pretty awesome.
So yeah, I'll be interested to do some more research
on those and search more for the customers.
They're not me anyway, but there we go.
Well, I'm picking up another shipment.
It is four o'clock in the morning, and my fish
are ready to go, so, there I go.
Sorry about that, the guy was waiting on me over here,
so I didn't wanna keep him waiting,
so I had to cut it early, but goldfish and other tropical
fish and plants in the back.
You probably see on my face, I'm not quite, awake yet
at 4:15 in the morning.
And now it's time to go put fish away.
Yeah, so you probably saw on the thing there
it's September 5th, it's Labor Day.
So that's how (hiccuping) I spend my holiday,
so back to work.
All right, so I'm back in my shop.
It's 4:52.
Gonna start unboxing, that's all I can do now.
Box number one, I haven't look through it yet,
I just opened it up 'cause I can't open them one-handed.
Let's see what we got going on here.
Aw, it was broken, that's good.
You have to get used to using one hand and a camera.
That's never ideal.
All right, this is getting ridiculous here, open up.
What are these?
I've never seen goldfish packed like this.
I bought ridiculously high-end goldfish.
So let me straighten that out.
I paid a ridiculous amount for some of these goldfish.
Now, whether they'll be amazing and high-end,
that I'm gonna see.
But I've never seen this cloth bag around it before.
I'm hoping goldfish are in here, 'cause this bag is amazing.
Like this bag, I've never seen one.
I've never ever seen a bag like this, so I have no idea.
For all I know, tetras could be in here but,
it makes it a challenge, honestly.
This is a crazy heavy duty bag, like this is amazing to me.
I have no idea, because it's part of the bag.
So I got to sit this down and then maybe open it up,
'cause I don't, I'm guessing it's a bag in a bag?
It's got to be, right?
Like let me feel.
I don't know, let me see.
I got to put the camera down.
So yeah, so it was a bag inside of a bag.
I've never seen that before and I've ordered
some expensive fish before.
So, I don't know if it's just this farm that I ordered from,
but this is like, how would I explain how thick this bag is?
Even this bag up here is thick.
It's made out of like what a, rubber boat is made out of.
If you were to, like an inflatable raft?
That's what that bag is.
That thing's insane, I'm gonna have to keep that
just to show my employees and stuff and go,
"Have you seen this?"
But in theory, some very nice,
high-end black ranchus here.
Just from looking into the bag, their finnage looks great,
they look good, so I'm excited about that.
I think I got another bag full of these,
so I wanna open the other bag that's like this
and I can, well, I guess I can go through some
of what else is in here.
I have no idea, right?
So there's another bag like that,
that's that weird bag right there.
This is, whoa, what do we got here?
These are all ryukins.
I think this is assorted ryukins here.
So that's, it's hard to see them in a bag obviously.
I'm not gonna try and show you guys,
but they're all thriving, that's a good thing.
They're all alive, so that's good.
Let's see what else we got over here.
What's this bag?
Oh, so heavy.
What is this?
Oh, are these all my jumbo swordtails?
Wow, those are no joke.
I ordered jumbo, and these things are jumbo.
I thought they mis-shipped,
and I thought they shipped me comets, as in goldfish.
These things are no joke.
I bet if I put on a ruler, that's a solid 3 1/2,
four inches, so that's impressive.
I like that,
Now, I just hope they hold together, 'cause sometimes
they've been raised in brackish water and stuff,
and in theory, these ones haven't been but,
you know, you never know.
'Cause just 'cause they say they haven't
doesn't mean they actually haven't.
So here's another one of these crazy bags.
This one's much heavier, so I got to set it down again
'cause well, let's see here if I could do this one-handed.
These bags are crazy though.
They're almost like shower curtain material.
Yeah, that's another good example, or vinyl.
I'm trying to come up here with vinyl at five o'clock
in the morning as I'm working apparently.
But yeah, it's vinyl.
Now this is crazy, 'cause stingrays, like the stingray
that's over there, I got a motoro stingray in that tank.
You can see just his tail.
But even those don't get shipped in bags this heavy duty.
I think it's the money thing.
I think there's so much money in this bag
that they're just like, "You know what?
"I don't care, that bag can't fail."
I think that's the logic.
So these,
yuan bao.
I'm probably murdering that, I've never heard anyone else
ever say that in person, and so maybe I have no idea
what I'm talking about, right?
But these are yuan bao goldfish,
and they're basically,
it's like you take an oranda and a ranchu,
and you combine them.
Sometimes called ingot oranda.
But I already see some that I like in there,
I mean, some of these are nice.
Of course, you guys are gonna have a hard time
seeing it here but,
oh yeah, oh yeah.
Oh, we're leaking lots of water.
Where all this water coming from?
Oh, it's all in the bag.
So this bag, so maybe that's why they double-bagged,
but look how much water I got on my floor.
That's I guess why I run dehumidifiers but,
that's a mess.
Tomorrow, people are going, "What happened,
"you spill water?"
And I'm gonna go, "Yep, it's a fish store,
"that's what I do."
But I got to get rid of this, it's full of water,
so I got to set the camera down.
All right, so that's box number one done.
We got two more boxes to do, plus a box of plants,
but I probably won't do the box of plants tonight,
'cause honestly, I wanna go back home and go back to sleep.
And we can do plants, plants can wait the extra,
let's see, I got to be back here probably at 11.
I'll get done about 6:00, 6:30.
So that's about five hours sleep, I'll be all right.
But let's see what we've got here.
All right, more goldfish.
What are these?
You know, I order it all, but then I forget.
Oh, I think these are calico ryukins.
Or fantails maybe, I got to look.
Yeah, they don't look ryukin, so they look like fantails.
Lots of little calico fantails.
And then, (grunts)
more black,
oh what, oh yeah, okay.
I was like, "What are these?"
These are black orandas so,
I love me a black oranda.
Love, love, love them.
All right, let's see what else we got in here.
This is a tropical fish water, oh yeah, guppies,
lots of male guppies, okay.
I think I had 175 of those.
And then, what do I have over here?
I think this is more,
more black orandas.
I loaded up on those because I love them
and they're hard to get a hold of for me.
So box number three.
This one was the heaviest box by far, which you know,
somehow, so these three boxes were over 200 pounds
for the three of them, and somehow it still,
I don't understand how airshipping works at the airport.
I swear, it's like how much weight is in these boxes,
I pay the same amount.
But then other times I'll show up and it'll be
half as much weight and I'll pay twice as much money.
So I don't know if it's by the flight or what it is,
'cause I swear, a lot of times it doesn't make sense.
Ooh, more of the high-end bags.
I need to work with my vendor, my transshipper and go,
"Hey, who's sending these high-end bags, 'cause one,
"I really like the goldfish and two, I like the
"way they package."
So we'll save those towards the end because they're
gonna be hard to open.
These are all balloon mollies.
I just haven't brought these in in a long time.
And they always come in so badly at the normal wholesalers,
so I thought, "Let me try my hand with a farm
"that I really like their guppies," because they raise them
in true freshwater.
So I thought, "Let me try balloon mollies myself."
That's my metric.
What I'll do is I'll,
if I can't get them good from the wholesaler,
my next step is, let me go straight to the farm,
let me try it.
If it doesn't work then,
then I typically know they're just not to be had.
And I have to try a few wholesalers obviously,
like I can't just try one and go, "Oh, it didn't work."
I got to try, not wholesalers, but yeah,
multiple wholesalers and multiple farms.
So you got to be aware of that.
But I'm looking while you're looking.
So yeah, I try it, and if I can't get it to live,
even after I go to farms, then I know that,
this good quality's not out there.
But let's get back to the shipping, shall we?
All right, what have we got here?
(grunts) This ones a heavy one.
What are these?
Are they ryukins?
They look ryukin-ish but at the same time, don't.
Maybe more fantails?
See this is what happens.
Obviously you're going like,
"Wow, this is a lot of goldfish."
They shipped all the goldfish this week
when normally they don't.
Whereas, I know they left out roseline sharks.
I know they left out koi bettas.
That's stuff on top of my head, I don't remember
what else is missing so far that I ordered.
But yeah, that's kind of a problem here is that,
I might not have needed all these goldfish,
but if I only ordered two bags and then those don't ship,
oh then guess what?
I got no goldfish.
So you order heavy, and sometimes it's
gonna come in heavy.
More cold packs.
Let's see what we got here.
Yeah, these are short body ryukins, okay.
So I did order ryukins.
You can see here, lots of bags, lots of goldfish,
and all these still got to go somewhere.
I know some of them are going to my house.
And I'm going to be sorting by size, so what I do,
by the way, I'm not all the way through the shipment yet
but what I do is, you start with what you know
where it goes.
So maybe I know where the guppies are gonna go.
I know where,
the balloon mollies are gonna go.
Then you deal with the fires, like,
"Okay, well where are all these goldfish going?
"Like, there's a lot."
So I know some are definitely going to my house.
And I've got two 300-gallon totes open,
so maybe what I'll do is put all the same vendor,
like these high-end bags, maybe they all go into one,
'cause it'd be less likely to cross-contaminate there.
Like when you mix different farms, it's more likely.
So maybe that makes some sense but, obviously I don't want
to mix, I wouldn't mix the super tiny calico fantails
with the biggest fish I ordered, 'cause that's gonna be
a food competition problem.
Yeah, so let's keep moving.
Hey, I'm just bringing up thoughts as I come to them.
Let's see here.
More, more of something.
More small goldfish.
These I think are, I wanna say little fantails again,
I'm not sure what they are but they're similar-sized
to those ones over there.
And the reason I brought some of these in is I wanna
grow them out.
I wanna take them from a small size,
and watch growth rates, and learn.
All right, so I got to probably set the camera down
to do some of these, so I'm gonna do that.
All right, so these were the two bags that were
in these extra thick bags here.
We've got the remainder of my yuan baos, or ingot orandas.
And then over here, we got more of those
really nice black ranchus.
Yeah, I'm excited with both those shipments.
I'm excited with most of this honestly.
Most of it looks to be pretty healthy at this point.
So those are all good things, now it's got to get
put away this morning, so yeah.
So let me let you guys in on a little secret
a few of you have picked up on.
I've been making hints about it for the last few weeks.
Maybe it's time to just kind of announce it.
It's not ready to go yet by any means but,
I'm working on it.
And that is, I fully intend on selling high-quality
goldfish online, and so what that means is,
I brought all these good goldfish.
They got to go through quarantine,
and then they'll start hitting the website.
You guys can buy them, they won't be cheap.
I have no interest in selling mass quantities of fish
at low prices.
I'd rather sell high-quality and sell very few,
because that's what interests me as a hobbyist
and that's what I think is missing from the hobby.
If you want a $5 goldfish, we can just go
to a PetSmart or a PetCo, that type of thing.
But if you want a $500 goldfish, or $200 goldfish,
or something like that, I feel the options
are very limited for that.
Besides Dandy Orandas, maybe East Coast Ranchu,
there's not that many breeders in the United States
and people playing with it.
And I saw an opportunity, I thought,
"Why not get into this?" because I love goldfish
and I have trouble sourcing what I like.
I have to basically import myself,
and then I saw a good response to that in my store.
And people go, "Wow, your goldfish are so nice,
"I wish I could get them like that."
So I thought, "Let's do that."
But there's lots of things to come, like for instance,
at the moment, I only plan on shipping
the goldfish overnight, no exceptions,
and I'm only gonna ship them on a Tuesday, no exceptions.
Because I don't think it's fair to me and it's fair
to the customer to do it any other way.
If you go, "I can only receive it on a Thursday,"
what that's gonna do to someone like me,
is if I accommodate you, come Wednesday morning,
I got to go to the airport, I've got to do all these things.
So I might get up at six o'clock in the morning,
pack your fish, drop them off at FedEx,
then go do everything else I need to do.
And the reality is, what I want to do is
ship them on a Tuesday, and drop them off
at FedEx at 4:00 p.m., right before they pick them up,
so they're in the bag the least amount of time,
so that, you know.
'Cause I'm gonna spend all this time quarantining,
water changing, feeding, medicating, getting these fish
as the best I possibly can before I ship them.
I don't want to undo all that work with,
"Oh they sat in a bag extra long."
Still designing packaging, and that's something
that I feel is gonna be key.
And we're gonna ship it overnight, so yeah,
very short window, but at the same time I want
really good either styrofoam, or a special bag
that's gonna hold in heat, like some of those bubble,
wrap things.
I wanna make sure everything, like I'm pretty sure
I'm gonna use breather bags, I'm 99% sure.
I wanna make sure everything is really dialed in
so that the fish don't suffer for it
and when you guys spend that good money,
you get a good value.
And all the goldfish that I sell will include shipping.
Well, it's a roundabout way.
So the way my website works, based on the amount you spend
is how much you're gonna pay for shipping.
Now, the most you could possibly spend
right now is $15, right?
But if I have to overnight this to you, it's gonna cost me
like 50 bucks, between packing materials
and the overnight fee.
So yeah, you'll still pay the $15 and I'll pay all the rest,
but that's included in the price.
But let's say you ordered the goldfish
and you ordered two of these, one of these,
that type of thing, I got to ship those in a different box.
That's all included in that shipping anyway.
So I basically paying all the shipping will be a few dollars
here and there.
They're like, "Well maybe technically,"
I'm not hearing any of that.
We're, or not, I shouldn't say we,
I'm only interested in shipping high-end goldfish
to the people that want to give them good care,
and are willing to pay a price.
That being said, I've got some cheaper options here
in the store but I don't think it makes sense to take a fish
that I sell for $20 and then tack on at least $40 worth
of shipping and materials and stuff like that,
'cause a $20 fish probably just isn't worth
at least that $60.
So it's probably not even worth the time either.
Realize that every package that I ship,
it takes a lot of time to do it correctly, and for just $20,
that's not even a profit because I got to still
buy that fish, right?
So for just $20, I'd be better off making YouTube videos
or being in the store and something like that.
That's why people are gonna, "Why are all your
"fish so expensive?"
Because it doesn't make sense to ship cheap fish
from a business standpoint.
That's the only reason there.
So yeah.
If I leave this in, you guys are getting
a real heads up look.
I'm on the fence, 'cause I don't wanna announce
something like this and then like, "Oh, I thought you said
"you were gonna do that."
It's like, "Well I am gonna do that."
But realize, I might be six weeks out, two months,
two years from pulling a trick, so what I don't want to do,
is I don't want to want to just, I don't want to
race to market and go, "You saw the fish, buy them today!
"It'll be great," because they're not ready.
Some of that stuff is very small.
We're gonna grow it out for a very long time.
Some of this larger stuff, we're gonna put
through quarantine.
It's gonna be for sale fairly soon.
But what I do know about high-end goldfish is
you can't buy it all all the time.
Like most of the time, I've been trying
to order this stuff for weeks, literally weeks,
and nothing's been shipping, cause I've been wanting
to get it into quarantine and things like that.
Yeah, I know I can run out of a lot of this cool stuff.
So I'm not in a race to sell it.
And then, on top of that, I guess I should mention,
what'll be on the website is all what you see
what you get.
So every fish,
when you buy that fish, you will get that fish.
It's not buy one black ranchu, it's that specific ranchu.
So it'll be, for instance, like "Oh yeah, this is gonna be
"in tank C and,
"it's C2, C3, C4," that type of thing.
It's gonna be a very personal level of service
and we'll see how it goes.
It could be an absolute trainwreck of like,
"Oh man, there's too many questions,
"there's too much work going into it,"
or it works out great.
But what I do know is a lot of you guys don't have
access to good goldfish, and I feel like I can provide that,
and I think some people find value in that.
And if you don't no worries, you don't have to buy it.
That's the great thing about this is you can
just do other things.
I don't have interest in shipping tetras
and things like that, I did that in the past.
I did that.
I did over 10,000 orders, online orders,
when I first opened the store, and it was all fish.
Everything that was in the store was also online.
And the problem was, you would think that it would work,
but it doesn't because people order things like,
"I only need two neon tetras, because I already own four."
And that bag plus the water, plus the weight
in the box, and the space it takes up,
I actually lose money.
It would be better for me to pay you $5
and refund your money on those two neon tetras
than it is for me two ship you two neon tetras.
And then heaven forbid, one died during shipping,
now I got to reship another one,
so there's all these things, and that just didn't work.
It didn't matter if it was neon tetras, pea puffers,
angelfish, rams.
Basically if it wasn't a high dollar value,
when you net it out over having employees ship,
and work with you, and something like that,
we weren't making very much money at all.
And when I say very much money, there was lots of shipments.
You've heard people like get you tropicals,
stuff like that, where you actually lose money.
And that's the thing is, you're gonna go,
how can you lose money?
You're trying to stay competitive on an item
we should be competitive on.
I shouldn't be competing to get my kuhli loach
down to a dollar, what somebody else is selling online.
They're selling at a loss, I'm selling at a loss.
We're all losing money.
I'm not gonna compete to lose money.
That's just a loser's game.
So I stopped doing that for 10,000 orders.
'cause at 10,000 orders, you can look at lots of statistics
and you can figure out, "Hm, that doesn't make sense.
"I'm paying people to lose me money."
What that means is I pay an employee.
He's got to pack it, he's got to do all that,
he's got to run to the post office.
And at the end of those orders, I've lost money?
Why do I keep doing that cycle?
And you go, "Okay, I change packaging, maybe I change this."
And you make all these tweaks, and eventually,
you get down to the bottom and you go,
"You know what?
"I don't think there's any way to make this work."
And it's great when someone goes,
"I'll take 10 roseline sharks."
That's a perfectly fine shipment, but that might take
one medium flat rate box, but so does two neon tetras,
one snail, a pea puffer,
and two corydoras.
I've literally had that order before and you're looking
at it going, "This doesn't justify the work
"and the shipping cost,
"and the space."
'Cause you go, "Okay, I'm gonna have to put that
"into two different boxes now, so now I'm losing
"money on shipping."
Yeah, so it's a no-win situation where I feel like
good-quality goldfish at the right price
will be profitable for my business, and be helpful
to the community.
So that's the line I got to blend, and I got to do
a lot of work to make sure that comes through correctly
because I don't want to skimp on packaging and then go,
"Ooh, we lost some of those goldfish
"shipping in the winter," like that can't happen.
Same time, I can't lose them in the summer,
and at the same time, I can't be like,
"Oh yeah, they're only $5,000 each, but guess what?
"They're the best."
So I got to blend all those lines into something
that makes sense, and that's the hardest thing
to do in business.
So yeah, I know I'll start at the top end
and work my way down as opposed to work from the bottom
and work your way up.
I don't want to be in a race to the bottom
with everyone else going, "Guess what?
"We got the cheapest goldfish around!"
I wanna be known for, "We have the best quality,
"we have healthy.
"I'm transparent, you can see exactly how
"I take care of them."
You can see all the water changes everyday