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I work at a retail store and if they knew how much I stole from there before I got hired,
I would have never got the job.
I work in retail, and I know it's bad, but if I'm ringing up a pretty girl and she's really nice,
then I'll give her my employee discount.
I work in retail. If you leave the clothes that you try on inside-out on the floor of the changing room...
You are a douche, and we hate you.
Working in retail has turned me into such a fake person.
I'll lie to you and say you look good just so you buy something.
When customers make me mad.
I cancel their credit payments 3 times before letting it go through,
to make them panic and think their card is getting declined.
I work in a retail store.
I have been abused, threatened, and injured today and I'm not even finished yet...
The joys of working in retail.
I work in retail. Every night I come home and watch a horror movie, imagining all the rude customers as the victims.
It sounds weird but it really helps.
I work in retail and half the time I would like to drag a rude customer over the counter and knock the rudeness out of them.
I work in retail and when you ask me to check for your size,
I just pretend to look because I'm too lazy to check.
I work in retail and whenever I know someone is stealing, I just let them.
I understand things are expensive and I don't feel like doing the paperwork.
Working in retail has taught me not to prejudge people based on superficial reasons...
the nicest customers are usually less materialistic.
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11 Revealing Retail Worker Confessions

29730 Folder Collection
Kiara published on April 21, 2017    Kiara translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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