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Hi this is Ceema and I am back with a new lesson on phrasal verbs for socializing or
to socialize. Well, what is to socialize? It basically means to meet up with people
in an informal situation. So the different kind of phrases you use to meet people, you
know your friends, your colleagues in an informal setting that is what socializing is all about
coz we all have to socialize right? So, let's have a look at some few phrasal verbs or expressions
to socialize.
Okay, the first one is to ask over. What is it to ask over? Okay, when I say I’m going
to ask over someone. So I can say the other meaning for that is to invite someone
to your house. So when you invite someone to your house that is what it is, to ask someone
over. So I can say something like, I asked Mrs. Smith over to my house. Okay, so you
ask someone over to your house, so you are inviting them to come and stay with you for
maybe a night or may be two nights. Okay, the next one is to ask out. Well, ask
out is basically, you know inviting someone for a date which is more of like you know
a romantic encounter. Okay, so you can say something like, the guy was nervous to ask
out the girl. So he was nervous to invite her over for a date or ask her out for a date
or a romantic encounter, okay. So that is what ask out is as opposed to ask over.
Okay, bring over. When I tell someone to bring over their things to my house. bring over
is basically used to talk about getting or bringing things to one's house or any place
for that matter, okay. So I can say, please bring over your CD so that we can listen to
some music. Or I can say please bring over your clothes, so that you can stay the night.
Okay, so bring over is basically asking someone to bring or get their things from one place
to another, may be from their house to your house or their house to the office or wherever,
whichever place. And we have got 3 very, very interesting phrasal
verbs which have the same meaning. So we have got pop in, we have got stop in and we've
got stop by. All of these three phrasal verbs mean the same thing and that is basically
to visit for a short period of time. So there are some people who come to your house but
they just come in for a very short period of time, may be for 15 minutes, for half an
hour probably. So, that is what pop in, stop in or stop by means. So you can say something
like, can you pop in for a cup of tea? Can you stop in to pick up your clothes? Can you
stop by and speak to your mother? So when you come home or come anywhere and visit someone
for a very small, short period of time, that's when you will use pop in, stop in or stop
by. The next one is to drop in. Well this sounds
quite similar to the pop in, stop in and stop by but drop in is a little different because
drop in basically means to visit someone unexpectedly. Okay, so you can say something like my aunt
always drops in at the wrong time. I wish she would just call before coming to our house.
So when you drop in, you are visiting someone unexpectedly. The people who you are meeting
are not even aware that you are going to come in. So that's what drop in means coming very,
very unexpectedly. The next one is to drop off. Well drop off
is basically leave someone at a certain place. So I can say that I dropped off my father
to the airport. I dropped him off to the airport. So I was driving a car, I went to this certain
place and I left him over there. So when you drop someone off, you leave someone who is
with you at a certain place and then you go off, okay. That's what drop off means.
the next expression which is pick up is the exact opposite of this expression. So pick
up is to go to a place and you know bring that person with you. So you bring someone
from a certain place. So the opposite of drop off is pick up so when your father arrives
at the airport and you want to bring him from the airport, you will say, I picked up my
father from the airport or I picked my daughter from her ballet class.
Okay, the next phrasal verb to socialize is to meet up. Well what does it mean to meet
up? Meet up basically means to decide to meet at a decided place or a decided time. So when
you are meeting someone, you have made your plan. You have decided for sure that this
is the time; this is the place that we are going to meet up. So you say something like,
I met up with my friends, you know for lunch at 2 o'clock at one of the restaurants. So
meet up is when you are actually gathering and meeting with people who haven’t met
maybe in very, very long time. And you meet up at a decided time and a decided place.
Okay, the last expression or the last phrasal verb to socialize is, is to come over. Okay,
what is to come over? When I say come over, I am inviting you to visit my house. So come
over is slightly different as compared to ask over, because when you ask someone over
to your house, you are also asking them or inviting them to your house. However, come
over is basically inviting people to your house for a longer period of time. So if someone
wants to stay over at your house for say, two months, you can say, come over. But if
someone wants to just you know come over or you want to ask over for lunch may be for
a day, you can say ask over. Ask over Mrs. Smith for lunch. But come over to my house
and stay for two months. Okay, well that's it from me on his lesson
from phrasal verbs to socialize. Well, I hope you found it very interesting. I’ll be back
with some more lessons until then, this is me saying goodbye.
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10 English phrasal verbs about socializing - Free English lessons

339 Folder Collection
Darren published on April 4, 2017
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