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  • Hi everybody, if you are still following me you‘d like to know how to realise

  • this fantastic project.ok, let’s do it together

  • let’s start to build the basic elementswe need twenty hexagons that I make

  • putting seven plastic tumblers together with a stapler

  • in the same way I also make twenty pentagons

  • this is a very important step

  • the more precise they are and the easier it will be to assemble the sphere

  • following the scheme I put all the elements together

  • try to do it correctlythere are only two conditions that you must respect:

  • every pentagon can only have six hexagons around;

  • every hexagon can only have three pentagons around and three hexagons placed in alternate way

  • fixing more elements together the structure takes the shape of a sphere

  • nowas the tumblers are all transparent, let’s put some coloured ones at the centre

  • of each hexagon so we can recognise the base elements and verify the conditions

  • for the realisation of a perfect sphere

  • ok!!!...I have almost finished the second semi sphere

  • but I don’t staple this one so I can remove it later

  • let’s start to assemble the two parts so I can get my sphere

  • let me tell you something, if the tumblers are not perfectly aligned try to put

  • some strengthnot too much…. if you can’t do it

  • do not staple these two tumblers

  • if some of the tumblers should get deformed don’t worry

  • it will be fine after the personalisation

  • and now let’s remove the hexagon that I didn’t staple before

  • this one will be used as a small entrance to insert the bulb inside the sphere

  • the electrical connection is very simple

  • you have to do is to connect the cable to the bulb holder….

  • do this you need to join the two poles to the internal connector

  • close the bulb holder and screw the bulb

  • now let’s put everything together

  • let’s put the bulb inside and the cable between the two tumblers

  • now I join the two tumblers with a clip

  • the sphere will lay against the bulb holder

  • weight will only be 400gr!! it’s so light that it can be supported by the cable itself

  • well, I have now finished

  • but let me show you how the change the bulb in case you need to

  • let’s finish with the nice part of the video

  • the personalisation of the sphere insert some coloured tumblers

  • inside the transparent onesyou can use your fantasy or ask your children for help

  • that’s all I hope you liked it and if you did, let me know with a like

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  • so you won’t miss my next videos

  • see you soon and thank you

  • ...oh, I was forgetting!!! if you need help do not hesitate to write to me and ask!

Hi everybody, if you are still following me you‘d like to know how to realise

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