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You may have seen YouTube videos
of a cute little animal called a slow loris being kept as a pet and tickled
But would you think it was cute
if you knew the tickling a slow loris is actually
torturing it?
And that slow lorises are suffering terribly
as result of the pet trade, fueled by these videos.
if I told you that before a slow loris is sold as a pet
it's teeth are removed without anaesthetic.
Would you still want to watch it and share it with your friends?’
If I told you that this loris has her arms up because she is terrified and
is trying to protect herself by gathering venom from a gland inside her elbow
Would you still think it's cute?
Thousands of lorises are viciously poached from the wild
to be illegally sold on the street or in markets
Now do you still want to support the trade?
Lorises are smuggled in dark, overcrowded
and airless containers, alongside the bodies of other lorises that have died.
If I told you that bright lights hurt their eyes,
that most slow loris pets
suffer from malnutrition that. In the wild
slow lorises travel long distances at night
would you still think it's acceptable
to keep one in a cage? If you had seen the things
that the vets at International Animal Rescue have seen
you would know that the slow loris pet trade needs to stop.
Before it is too late
So please, stand with me and help expose the truth
hello my name's simon Reeve and
I'm TV traveler who is lucky enough to have seen
slow lorises in the wild. Please do not support
the cruel trade in slow lorises as pets
sign the pledge today and together we can work to expose the truth
and end this suffering
sign the pledge - expose the truth and together
we can end this suffering
thank you
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The truth behind the slow loris pet trade and 'cute' tickling slow loris videos

1579 Folder Collection
Ntiana published on December 1, 2018    Amber Li translated    Evangeline reviewed
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