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What's up, everybody? I hope you are all having an
amazing week. So, I think just about everybody in this
world struggles with confidence at times. So today guys,
as a relationship counselor with a doctoral degree in
psychology,I'm giving you ten easy brain hacks to
instantly turn your confidence around and boost it so that
you can feel awesome and do all of those things in your life.
If you guys are new to Ask Kimberly, stay a while, relax,
take your shoes off, and welcome to this amazing family.
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you want to! Let's be real. Alright guys, I'm done with
my little spiel, now we can get right into the video.
The first easy brain hack to feel more confident is to
choose somebody who you admire, who inspires you,
who is actually a positive role model. Choosing a role
model who you know if you work hard you can actually
do what they do is a lot more positive and can make you
feel a lot better about yourself. A lot of times people
choose a role model and they're like, "I just wish I had
her voice," or, "I wish I had her butt," or, "I wish I had
her amazing looks," or her figure, or her lifestyle, or her Instagram following.
Number two guys, this one's super easy and a little bit
weird too. And it's to choose an outfit that accentuates
your most positive feature. Like, what do you love most
about yourself? As opposed to hiding your worst feature,
which most people choose an outfit that just hides the
thing that they're most embarrassed about. No. Do not do
that. Forget about that completely and choose something
that just makes you go va-va-vum with your best feature
and puts a big smile on your face.
Number three, you guys, this is a weird one. I feel like all
of these are so weird, but that's brain hacks, I guess.
Number three is to make a list of your favorite celebrities'
positive qualities and then compare them to your own.
Like, list positive qualities about yourself that are actually
a part of your favorite celebrity as well. If your favorite
actress is Emma Stone and you can recognize that you've
got a really quirky sense of humor just like her, that is
proven to boost your confidence almost instantly.
Number four, guys, is to make a playlist of songs with a
really bumping bass. Music with a really heavy bass line
has been proven to instantly boost your confidence. So
that's why sometimes if you're working out and you hear
a song that really gets you in the mood and makes you
feel really awesome, that's why. Because, it's the music
that actually lifts you mood. So, make a playlist. Do it now.
Number five! Number five! Is to think about the time
when you were your most confident self. I don't care
when in your life that was, whether you were 5 years old,
10 years old, 15 years old. For me, I think I was 25 years
old when I was my most confident self. Actually, it may
be now. I'm probably my most confident self now. Let's
be honest. Think about who you were in that time. Like,
what made you confident? What were you feeling like?
What was your energy like? And just freaking sit there for
5 minutes and channel that, and then go out into the world
and I think you'll notice a big difference in how you feel.
Number six, you guys, if you have someone in your life
who criticizes you, who's negative, who's a bully.
Freaking literally, ditch them. People who criticize you
are guaranteed to get into your psyche. It's just the way it
works. You do not need to internalize anything that these
negative people have to say. So, the best thing that you
can do is push them out of your life. If you want a video
on how to ditch meanies, freaking losers, the people that
put you down in your life, tell me in the comments below.
We'll do a video on how to ditch them. Ditch those
people. They're bad, bad, bad, bad.
Number seven, certain studies have shown that you really
only need 7 minutes of activity a day if you the right
things. So I found this thing online called the 7 minute
workout that I think is super easy to do. And if you only 7
minutes a day, you can do it. I think it's totally fun to do.
So do a 7 minute workout and in 7 minutes you will feel more confident.
Number eight, you guys, is to release endorphins through
smiling. Just the act of smiling is literally proven to trick
your brain into thinking that you are more happy and
more confident than you actually are.
Number nine, you guys, we are almost at the end. Go on
your phone right now, and go in the little notepad section
and write down 5 positive affirmations that you feel
would really help you. For me, a couple that really
resonate are when I walk into a room, I totally light it up,
and am I lucky person who grabs opportunities, and I am
a unique and creative person who other people look up to.
Now finally guys, we have reached number ten. Oh my
God, we're here already. The videos go by so fast. And
number ten is to actually take a little hiatus from social
media. Now, I'm not saying to ditch your phone
altogether. But if you actually can do that, oh my God,
hats off to you. But just get off the sites that lead to
comparing yourself to other people in your social
network. And you know the sites that I mean. Instead,
spend your time online doing things that inspire you.
Like, you can come here and hang out on Ask Kimberly,
talk to people in the comments. Only give your attention
to the things online that make you feel happy, and
inspired, and worthwhile, and confident and all of those things.
So guys, if you love this video, give it a huge thumbs up.
And don't forget to become a part of the Ask Kimberly
family by hitting that big subscribe button and clicking
that little bell so every time I post a new video, you get
notified, guys. We know you want to get notified for new
videos always. Alright guys, that's it for today. I love you all. Muah! Bye.
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BRAIN TRICKS: How to Feel CONFIDENT in 30 Seconds or Less! | Ask Kimberly TEEN EDITION

28132 Folder Collection
sabrina published on May 28, 2017    Jade Weng translated    Mii Wei reviewed
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