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That one's actually good!
Elves: Yaaaay!
Liam: Harry!
We did it
Harry: WE did it
Liam: I said that
Niall: Zayn, what are you doing with that leech?
Zayn: I'm getting back Louis his star power
Louis: Nice!
Zayn: Open wide!
Harry: Do you feel better now, Louis?
Louis: Oh, I feel like 650,000 pounds!
A million bucks!
Harry: Yaaaay!
Zayn: Glad it's all over
Who would have thought a deranged elf would try to steal our starpower
Louis: But Harry,
You really knocked his lights out!
Liam: Yeah, how'd you do that?
Harry: I can't take all the credit,
Lady Gaga here thaught me a lot
Niall, Zayn, Louis, Liam: Whaaaat?
Louis: Lady Gaga?
Lady Gaga: Hello boys!
Boys: Hey Lady!
Harry: Thanks again for helping me Lady Gaga
Lady Gaga: I was glad I could
But now it seems my work on this planet is complete
I must now return to my home galaxy of Gagaland
Harry: Okay.
Lady Gaga: And return to my true form as Lady Gagalaktis
devourer of worlds
Harry: Okay.
Liam: You're not going to devour earth, are you?
Lady Gagalaktis: No no no no
Earth still keeps me entertained.
I decided long ago I would spare your planet
for now
Harry: Okay, bye.
Lady Gagalaktis: Bye!
Santa: Boys!
In unison: Santa!
Santa: Boys you saved christmas!
I can't thank you enough!
Harry: Hey don't mention it.
Santa: No truly. It was very noble of you boys to save me and christmas.
Especially considering our differences...
I know we might not all have the same beliefs
Zayn: Aw, hey. Just because you've done Coke commercials
and we've done Pepsi commericals
doesnt't mean we shouldn't all love each other.
Boys: Aww.
Santa: Well I should get going if I want to deliver all the presents on time
Harry: Is there anything we can do to help?
Santa: Well I do have one last problem...
Louis: What's that Santa?
Santa: Well my sleigh was getting old you see and
Well I... I've got some money now so
I bought a brand new
Stretch Sleighmousine!!
Louis: Nice!
Santa: It's like a sleigh.. but it's a limousine!
Louis: No, I get it.
Santa: But now I have to decide
Who will be my chauffeur?
Harry: Why not one of your reindeer?
Niall: Yeah! Everyone loves the reindeer pulling your sleigh.
You should have one of them drive your Sleigmousine.
Santa: I thought so too.
Trouble is reindeer can't drive
Even when I helped Rudolph into the driver's seat
his hind legs couldn't reach the gas pedal.
Humans are really the only species whose legs were designed to drive cars
Niall: But no one wants a human driving you around
Harry: Yeah people want reindeer.
Niall: Or at least some kind of animal with hooves
Harry: Yeah
Santa: I agree
If only I knew of a hoofed animal that had the legs of a human
Niall: Hmm
Can't think of anyone
Santa: *gasp*
You there!
Henry: Me?
Santa: What creature are you?
By your top half you appear an ??
and yet by your bottom half you appear a human
Louis: He's a faun!
Liam: He's half man half goat.
Santa: God be praised.
What is you name faun?
Henry: Henry
Santa: Henry
with your legs so human
won't you drive my Sleighmousine?
Henry: It would be an honour
Boys: Yaaaayy
Louis: I told you you're the modern day Rudolph
*singing*: Henry the half man half goat
Had a very goat top half
And if you ever s-saw...
No one?
Sorry I don't think it's gonna catch on
Henry: Hey, you tried.
Harry: Well, lads.
Let's go home.
Santa: Wait!
Before you go
As a token of my gratitude
I'd like to grant each of you one wish
Boys: A wish?
Santa: Anything your heart desires
Boys: Anything?
Santa: Anything.
Louis: But I've already gotten the greatest gift anyone could ever wish for
Harry: What's that, Louis?
Louis: The gift
of friendshiphood
Boys: Awww
Louis: And suspenders.
Niall: Aw
Liam: Well done, lads
we saved christmas
and we all got what we wished for thanks to Santa
Zayn: That was ?? kind of him, wasn't it?
Niall: Wasn't it?
Harry: It sure was
Louis: Suspenders!
Mark: Oh, wait. Braces...
Louis: Braces!
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The Adventurous Adventures of One Direction 3: Part 12

321 Folder Collection
Camille Styles published on March 25, 2017
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