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Whatoplay presents the Top 25 PS4 Action Games
This ranking is based on a 1 to 10 scoring system that aggregates critic and gamer reviews
into a unique score called a PlayScore. As much as new reviews show up, and are added,
the PlayScore changes.
Opening the list at number 25 is Infamous: Second Son
This superhero-inspired game is a blast to play! It's a kind where you forget objectives
and just traverse the map with your superpowers... And when you spot something to destroy, you
just do and it's fun.
Spectacular-looking powers. Adrenaline-pumping action sequences and tons of side missions
to keep you engaged.
The morality system on the other hand, needs a lot of improvement.
A playscore of 8.56.
Number 24 is Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
Number 24 is Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number
"Brutally gorgeous"... perfectly describes this sequel to the high-octane hit Hotline
This top-down brawler-shooter is so satisfying it leaves you asking yourself... "Why am I
playing this pixelated violence?"
Diversity of characters, more levels of mayhem and destruction, good story and an incredible
Wrong Number's carnage might be off-putting to some. For the rest of us... ENJOY!
A playscore of 8.59
23rd place is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
23rd place is The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
This is how a remake should be. It's bigger, better and insanely fun! What makes this indie
roguelike appealing are:
The crazy randomness of every dungeon, hundreds of hours worth of playthrough, tons of power-ups,
cosmetics and skills to collect. This is sure to keep you wanting to explore more!
The narrative, however, can be disturbing -- blasphemous even -- to some.
Binding of Isaac Rebirth has a playscore of 8.61
Number 22 is Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition
Dante and Nero is back! And now with Lady, Trish, and Vergil as playable characters.
It's a "Special Edition" for reasons.
Better graphics, packaged with lots of content (DLC, unlockable items and more) and a new
Legendary Dark Knight Mode
The visual improvements over the original is clearly visible. But it still can't hide
the flaws that were there to begin with.
A playscore of 8.63.
Ranked 21st is Bastion
This indie game presents a new take on storytelling. Your every move is narrated... from picking
a hammer to killing a boss.
Beautiful isometric art style, excellent soundtrack, and an outstanding narration that articulates
the flow and twists of the game's story.
Now... if you've already played in on the PC, the PS4 version doesn't offer anything
new to make it worth replaying.
Bastion has a playscore of 8.68
At number 20 is Resogun
This fast-paced space shooter is one of PS4's first games. And it's one hella fun!
Set in a unique cylindrical world, your mission is to blow up every hostile aliens and "save
the last of humanity".
Simple gameplay, but with a fresh new twist. Upbeat soundtrack that gets your blood boiling
and diverse enemy types to keep you on your toes.
Short but hectic, Resogun receives a playscore of 8.68
19th place is Far Cry 4
The action awesome-ness of the Far Cry series continues in the the fictional
country of Kyrat!
It plays pretty much like Far Cry 3, but with several ups and downs like impressive breadth
and graphical quality. An expansive, beautiful world to explore and a super-fun co-op gameplay!
Unfortunately, the plot and characters are not as good as previous Far Cry games.
It has a playscore of 8.70
Ranked 18th is God of War 3: Remastered
This is a definite must-play to those who have yet to experience Kratos... no-holds-barred
The game was never known for its plot and storytelling. And Kratos is not your typical
hero. Instead it draws gamers in through spectacular adrenaline-pumping fights.
Smoother combat, satisfying finishing moves, phenomenal opening sequences and a perfect
combination of beat-em-up and puzzle.
God of War 3 Remastered got a playscore of 8.72
Number 17 is Axiom Verge
A Metroidvania game -- filled with jumps, shooting and exploration. It polishes time-tested
mechanics of retro games to a whole new brilliance.
Tight controls, minimal story with surprising plot twists, exploring the game's mysterious
alien world is rewarding and it's pretty addictive
The only downside is that the world can be a little too retro for younger gamers. It
looks a lot like an NES game.
A playscore of 8.74
16th is Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition
This is a revamped version of the fantastic original indie superstar Guacamelee. It follows
the adventure of Juan as he tries to rescue El Presidente's daughter.
It comes with more levels to explore, powerful new bosses to defeat, a better overall visuals;
Plus! This edition packs in it all past DLCs.
It's a flashy, funny, and action-packed game.
Guacamelee STC Edition gets a playscore of 8.74
15th place is Nuclear Throne
A game full of fast finger-twitching action!
Set in a roguelike universe much like the Binding of Isaac.
It boasts a wide arsenal of weapons and abilities for each character, fast-paced gameplay that
requires tactics and the increasingly difficult enemy types and A.I. are reasons to not stick
to one playstyle.
Nuclear Throne's difficulty can be daunting... but completing a level is so much rewarding.
A playscore of 8.78
Number 14 is Resident Evil HD Remaster
A current-gen release of the game that started the zombie craze.
It comes with a few graphical upgrades without ruining the game's legendary horror atmosphere.
Amazing character enhancement, good background music and smart puzzling that doesn't break
the action sequences.
The control scheme in the game is quite cumbersome at first... Give it time and you'll see how
effective it is.
A playscore of 8.81
13th place is Transistor
This is one gorgeous-looking action RPG from the same game studio that brought us Bastion.
Beautiful world, that looks like a painting on a canvas. Unique combat that blends real-time
action and turn-based strategy. A well-written story puts the game on solid ground, remarkable
soundtrack, quality cinematic sequences, and an impeccable narration.
Perhaps my only concern is that sometimes visuals obscure the game's excellent combat.
Transistor has a playscore of 8.82
12th is Dragon Age - Inquisition
BioWare's latest success features many of the things they're good at.
A notable combination of RPG, action, exploration and story, branching choices that leads to
plenty of scenarios and endings. A vast open world to explore. A cast of interesting and
diverse characters and hilarious and thoughtful conversations are fun to listen to.
You'll be hard-pressed not to sink hundreds of hours in it.
a playscore of 8.86
Ranked 11th is Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor
Drawing inspirations from the Arkham and Assassin's Creed series, it furthers the genre with its
polished combat system that rivals any action game of this generation.
Bleak, dark and majestic open-world and a novel enemy progression system that we hope
to see on other games.
One thing of note. The campaign slowly loses its impact halfway through... overshadowed
by the game's notable free-roaming and discovery.
A playscore of 8.87
At number 10 is Rocket League
It's one of those games that takes the gaming world by storm. The mechanics is simple. Drive,
hit, score! It's football with monster trucks. The key points are timing and teamwork!
It's beginner-friendly! Dozens of cool cosmetic upgrades to make your own vehicle stand-out,
crisp graphics and multiplayer sessions are epic!
Rocket League is an addicting combo of cool booster-rigged vehicles and football.
It receives a playscore of 8.88
9th place is Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin
Ahh.. the Souls series.. the games that attracted masochistic gamers and challenged their beliefs
of modern games being too easy.
This is the best-looking of the series as of yet. A revamp of Dark Souls 2 with all
its DLCs already in it.
Reshuffled enemy placements, tougher A.I., new weapons and armors and enhanced graphical
Scholar of the First Sin has a playscore of 8.93
Ranked 8th is Shovel Knight
An indie masterpiece. Shovel knight may not be for all... but the mechanics behind it
is a perfect mesh between retro classics:
Ducktales combat, Super Mario's world map design, Zelda's town exploration, upgrade
system and Megaman's boss fights.
If you ask me, the only thing the game needs is a little bit more content. I mean.. the
game was too damn short. Amazing... just short.
A playscore of 8.95
7th is Batman: Arkham Knight
A gem from Rocksteady Studios, and the finest game of the Batman Arkham series. Amazing
set of villains and allies, superb combat trademarked by the Arkham games. Lots of varied
missions and riding the Batmobile was a dream come true!
I only wish the boss fights were a little more grand. They could have ramped up the
scale of the encounter to a whole new level.
A playscore of 8.97
At number 6 is Fallout 4
The most anticipated game of 2015.
Where Fallout 4 shines is through its wide range of features and intricacies. A unique
targeting combat system, enjoyable crafting and base-building. Bleak but hauntingly beautiful
post-apocalyptic world. A very good "choose your own path" system and a lot more!
There were some bugs, yes. But the biggest letdown is the graphical quality. It wasn't
up to par with other PS4 titles.
A playscore of 9
5th place is Bloodborne
The spiritual successor of the Souls series exclusive to the PS4.
Bloodborne's world is huge and eerily magnificent to look at. Some dislikes how it's more forgiving
than Dark Souls games. But you can't deny how good the graphics, combat, gameplay, monster
design and overall feel of the game are.
That said, long loading times are a pain to put up with. Specially during those exciting
A playscore of 9.16.
Ranked 4th is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
A vast open-world action game that defines the current standard in video gaming. Explore,
slay monsters, get loot, craft items, talk to people, form relationships, and master
the art of Gwent.
These are just the few things that Wild Hunt offers: Breathtaking visuals, awesome characters
models, wonderful dialogues, great combat. Tons of sidequests and additional content
and an impeccable storyline to boot!
A playscore of 9.24
3rd is Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain
The best and final Metal Gear Solid game from the great Hideo Kojima. And as usual the writing
is superb! Tt tells of a complicated and bizarre story that grabs your attention from start
to finish.
Amazing cutscenes and cinematics! Incredible graphics
and an impressive action-sandbox quality.
However, some pacing issues that may hinder your momentum are frequently occurring towards
the end of the game.
a playscore of 9.28
Number 2 is The Last of Us Remastered
It's one of the aces of modern video gaming -- an emotional experience as much as it is
a game.
The game is magnificent in almost every aspect.
Excellent story. Beautifully-written and portrayed. Endearing characters that grows on you as
much as you play. Upped visuals that makes use of PS4's more
powerful processing unit Combat that is both granular and intense.
The Last of Us is a must-have.
a playscore of 9.36
And the best is Grand Theft Auto V
Well.. no surprises here. This game has been shattering records since its dawning. And
with a very busy and active online community, this game is still the best action game out
Excellent single and multiplayer modes! Awesome open world depicting the nasty and bright
side of society, overwhelmingly relatable characters, tons of content, even in single
player. Balanced gunplay, driving, flying, parachuting, jetskiing, and a unique 3-player
switch gameplay.
The best with a playscore of 9.37
And here are the Runners-Up...
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Top 25 Best PS4 Action Games

605 Folder Collection
Tommy published on March 24, 2017
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