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Hey guys, it's Dear Diary Entry 20.
So I wanted to do something special.
It's not a huge number, but today is a special day.
It's Racial Harmony Day in Singapore.
So I thought I'd do a simple accents video.
I had this elaborate thing to get all my friends joined in,
but unfortunately, a lot of them are in camp,
so this is what I kind of assembled together,
and along with my own embarrassing improvs.
This might be my most embarrassing video yet.
Quick disclaimer before the video starts, I hope none of this comes out racist,
This is all in pure fun. Just really wanted to show you guys how many accents and how diverse Singapore's culture actually is.
And also, the interesting part about how many types of Singlish there actually is as well. Enjoy.
Chris. Say something to the kids who always go play Lend after school.
Yeah those who get super high mass so they keep doing it.
I don't know how they do it. Cheating.
But then there are those who are not scoring low. And you should go study.
Go study.
Julien. Tell me what we did today.
Okay today, like, we went up for porpilming, then I was speech like a bird.
I did them too.
Hi Bowzi.
What is this, vlogging?
Don't waste time. Go eat, go jom.
How ya doin'?
Yeah cheers.
For the rest of them, I'll try to attempt them myself.
Here goes nothing.
You also another one. Don't say I took so much.
Not daddy. Ask you to come and eat.
Ask you go to the write the way.
You're not very nicely brother.
Don't I let you assist you this one.
欸我跟你講,你真的需要好好 study.
如果你不好好 study, 你的 exams 就會 fail.
連像我一樣,坐在那個 camera 前面
能講話,人家都不懂 what you are saying.
然後 take video,後面那個房間也是那麼亂
Kiddo, have you eaten yet? What time are you coming home?
Ma, I'm busy with something right now.
Are you done? There's not much time left!
I'll hurry up, I'll hurry up.
And of course, lastly,
There's the Angmoh.
I guess I don't even really count, cause I'm half.
But heck it.
To be honest, I didn't even cover that many languages or accents.
Cause there's so many other. And that's the thing about Singapore.
This place is so diverse, which makes it amazing.
Happy Racial Harmony Day guys.
I'll be continue living closely and peacefully.
Shout out to my bros and nanas, I'm sure we can do another video along the way.
Keep on persevering, tell me if you want a part 2 for this, cause there's so many other accents.
Yeah. That's it! I'll see you guys next time. Tschüss!
You know what? No, we're gonna hug it out.
We're gonna hug it out. Here we go.
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Types of Accents in Singapore (ft. Racial Harmony Day )

37805 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on May 5, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    reviewed
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