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Hello Auntie?
This is Vernon again.
I need to do another party. Can I order food from you guys?
Er... Yeah. Can can. What you want?
What's the menu this weekend?
Uhh... This week?
Fried rice and beef fried rice.
I like fried rice.
You want chicken curry?
Yeah, yeah. Chicken curry is good.
Also, the Nasi lemak.
All you want?
Yeah, yeah. It's gonna be a big party.
What kind of drinks can you give us Auntie?
Drinks? We have the fruit juice. We have also bandung. We also have soft drinks like coke.
Sorry, what drink is that?
Medium coke also got, big coke also got.
Which one you want?
Also can 3 coke for price of 1. I give you.
You order enough. I give you like that.
Wow. What a great. Okay I'll take that.
Which one? Small one?
No, actually I got a lot of people.
You give me. You get the medium. 30 cents more I give you big coke.
30 cents more for the big one?
Okay. Yeah, I think I need the big one.
You need the big one?
But Auntie, is yours the real thing? Nice to drink or not?
Or course. No need to worry.
When can you deliver the drink?
You tell me the food how many, then the coke also how many I give you.
Okay thanks Auntie. I confirm again later I call you again.
Okay. Okay. Thank you.
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1010 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on March 23, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Sally Hsu reviewed
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