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welcome to the minute of speech todays confusing word pair is from a podcast viewer
in venezuela
a silly or stupid person
a maximum amounts
pay attention to the vowel sounds
and the L
To say the word
full correctly
you're going to have to move your mouth
so round your lips for the vowel
and make it longer
and relax your lips
as you move to the L
and be sure to finished the word by touching
the back of your top
front teeth with your tongue
to say the word full correctly
your mouth remained fairly stable
so relax your lips
and make the vowel short
then add the L; again touching the back
of your top teeth with your tongue
let's try that
fool full
fool full
fool full
April Fool's Day is full of tricks
give it a try
people will surely notice the difference
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How to pronounce "FOOL" and "FULL"

12322 Folder Collection
VoiceTube published on June 25, 2013
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