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And now I thought I'd share some of my favorite #IveChanged tweets from you guys.
This first one is from DrewAmundson15,
he says "When saying the Pledge of Allegiance , I used to think we were saying, "for Richard Stanz."
- Yeah, for Richard Stanz. - Richard Stanz.
- One nation invisible. - Yeah, invisible.
This one's from @Jasontanamor,
he said "I used to put my grandma's dentures under my pillow so I could get more money from the tooth fairy."
That's a good idea.
- She's not using them, at night time. - Yeah.
She goes to bed, now and then, boom.
Yeah, she goes to bed, she pops them out, puts them in the...
- Yep, glass of Efferdent. - Efferdent. (laugh)
- Darling! - Goodnight, darling! (laugh)
- This one is from @Darknstormysmom. - Ooh.
- Sounds like a party. - Yeah.
She says "I thought DKNY was pronounced "Dick-Knee."
Wow there you go
- Oh that's... - It's not, it's not.
- That would hurt. - I have a Dick-Knee dress, Dick-Knee shoes.
This one's from @loudinclear,
she says "I used to record the school closings due to weather and replay them to trick my mom
when I didn't want to go to school."
That's brilliant!
- That would be good. - That's brilliant!
This one is from @Alicia_baltus,
she said "I used to drop candy in the holes in the sewer grates so that the Ninja Turtles had a snack."
That's nice! You can still do that!
- Com'on! - They'd appreciate that!
This one is from @Tiffaniamber111,
she says " To make me seem cooler, I used to tell everyone that my cousin sold drugs.
She's a pharmacy technician."
- Well, that's... not lying. - Not lying, yeah.
Uh, the last one is from Xyuppi,
he says "I used to whisper to my food coming out of the microwave, 'You're so hot!' "
There you go, those are tonight show hashtags.
Check out more of my favorites, go to TONIGHTSHOW.COM/HASHTAGS.
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Hashtags: #IveChanged

13822 Folder Collection
Annie Kuo published on April 1, 2017    Annie Kuo translated    missnerdypants reviewed
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