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Here are some tips for a general Irish accent.
So the first thing we look at is that oral posture.
When I start to talk in my Irish accent,
there's a little bit of tension in the back of my tongue.
So it pulls it back just a little bit.
But the tongue tip is very relaxed
so you get those little whistling sounds for the t's and the d's.
So that might be your first sound change.
"I thought about it" and "I read about it" turns into your Irish accent "I thought about it" and "I read about it".
You hear that little whistling "thought about it", "read about it"?
The "o" diphthong in American English "o", "oo", it's two elements.
It's a very pure and single element in your Irish accent.
So it's "Oh, I don't know".
"I don't know" becomes "I don't know".
Or try the phrase "either ya come home or ya don't".
"Either ya come home or ya don't".
The "r" is retroflect, meaning that you're pulling your tongue back like this,
so it's not your general American ruh, ruh,
it's r, ruh, ruh.
"The western world" instead of "the western world",
you get "the western world".
Give that a shot.
The "th" sound is so awesome in Irish.
Because it's that very soft sound so instead of "thirty three",
you get a very soft /t/ sound in "tirty tree".
The schwa sound, that /ə/ American sound in Irish becomes a little more rounded,
so it's "ohp", "abohve", lohve"
instead of "up", "above", "love".
A little more rounded, "ohp", "abohve", lohve".
So what's the musicality of the Irish accent?
Well, I think you can hear it for yourself.
I know it sounds a little stereotypical but people really talk like this,
so don't take all my word for it, though.
Listen to some native speaker and hear that beautiful Irish lilt for yourself.
And get into the rhythm of it by doing some conscious mimicry.
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How to Do an Irish Accent aka Brogue | Accent Training

4384 Folder Collection
Sabrina Hsu published on March 20, 2017    Sabrina Hsu translated    Kiara reviewed
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