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TOP 3 Crossover Moves! Basketball Ankle Breakers: Shifty Basketball Moves | Snake
today I got my top three crossover moves
for you that I've been working on lately
to destroy defenders and I know they're
going to help you to make sure you check
out this entire video to see oh hey guys
cause you mentioned get handled that
complex for checking out the video for
we jump into it makes you hit that like
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ok the first move is a Derek Rose
rhythm double-cross and a lot of people
saw him do this a couple weeks ago and
wanted me to break it down so here it is
for you and what you do with this is he
started i'm just going to show you the
crossover part2 mainly breakdown but he
started with coming in and he did a
quick hard drive in and kind of stepped
out like he was gonna almost going to a
step back to kinda hesitate
ok from there what he did though is he
kind of got the defenders shifting a
little bit to his right side so from
there you knew he wanted to try to be a
lot because he already had them that way
but you want to make sure you know he
could get in tight and feed him from
that ok so what he did from there was
one into a real quick Google double
rhythm cross ok now the key on this is
the hand placement in the timing and if
you get the hand place it right
the time will come right away for you so
there's really not too much that you
have to think about as long as you get
this secondhand waiting where it needs
to be so from this step back you came
from that and then from there he came
with the ball up high and cross it over
and this handles waiting down vote boom
to push it right back
so the second it touches the hand he
pushes it right back he doesn't bring it
all the way up here he doesn't load up
and go you know you can even have the
hand down here we're all waiting and
still take a long time to do it right
but what she did to make it work well
was come boom
okay real quick put so boom
once you read the real fast that's the
key to it and you want to make sure you
get a good pop though on that triple so
it's gotta be quick on that little
dribble where kids just kind of dialogue
and stay low like that you gotta push it
back up high because what that allowed
do from there is come from that and
cover some ground next trouble to get
into the basket
ok so that's be so easy tip down with
the ball high medium low with this hand
second it touches his hand push it back
the cost but give it some good pop to
get that power in there and then start
moving right away okay one final tip
lean into it a little bit with the hips
and the chest that's gonna help sell
that pic to get the defender moving this
way and then from there you can jump
back the other way
ok the second crossovers 1 i've been
doing for quite some time to send
defenders flying this is a great movies
you want to really break some ankles and
get you guys go flying and it's just
good for also creating space and
separation for shots okay so what we're
going to do with this is going to start
with a 12 step behind the back
ok so what that means is you gotta
whichever hand has the basketball you're
going to dribble behind the back and
that seems sidefoot so the right hands
doing the dribble the right side or the
right foot is going to step to the left
side like that the reason you want to do
that gives you protection over the
basketball but the other thing this is
going to do is set you up right away to
go right into your next trip will move
which coming from this right if you come
here and take a hard step there's a good
chance to defend was gonna go flying
especially if you do it quick so focus
on this on getting that dribble pretty
quick and that you wrap it around so you
push it kind of forward and that you
step quick and the other reason you want
to step with this foot it's so when the
defender here they can't get to the
ok vs if I step forth here now the balls
on expose and unprotected ok so you want
to step with that same side foot across
the body
ok now that sets us up for this boom a
simple 1-2 combo with just one step
okay here here okay
the key on this to again is from this
you want to make sure this step is quick
and at the last second if you want you
can once the ball gets into the second
hand you can give it a little more of a
push forward to send that to really send
them flying with that last-second fate
so coming here pushing it forward and
then going between the legs and then
from there you just step back with that
same foot so this part pretty much stays
down you can add a little movement in
there you know to come a little bit
forward a little more back that's you
know once you get the basic field for
this down then you can add in for you
know little step with that other foot to
to cover more ground going forward or
back whatever the game situation
dictates you know however your defenders
playing but that's basically it right
there for come fast
pull it back quick so from that between
the legs and now you have a lot of
ok I you want to read your defender of
course if they if you feel like you have
the angle to beat them coming to look
this way from this between the legs then
I would just slightly shift the angle
between the legs and come back this way
that's probably gonna be a more
difficult angle change that make those
so for that step you might want to not
step across the body as much as step
more directly forward so you can make
that direction change but generally what
you're going to want to try to do with
this is come from this to send them
flying ok that's going to create space
for John side if you want it or what
will happen a lot of times that I like
to do is I'll come from that and then
when my defender recovers back to come
up on me if they're on this side too
much i'll drive this way if they come to
this side too much crossover come this
ok so nine times out of ten they're
gonna try to close the gap on you on
sometimes if you can put like a little
shot fake hesitation and then you get
him jumping on you too and that that'll
really put in a position where you can
pretty much be tomorrow you wanted to
jump in the air because they can't move
when you're in the air
ok the final move is going to be called
the yank back cross or actually did a
breakdown of this a while ago on my
youtube channel the ones where i was
still doing the voice overs with them
but i want to give you another new
breakdown with it and it's one of my top
three moves that I've been really
working on weight lately and finding are
really effective in Game so I want to
make sure I threw it in here for you
guys because it's it's a really good
move to have and basically what you
gonna do with this is combined a step
back into a crossover all in one dribble
though so basically whichever hand of
the ball you don't want to stop with the
opposite foot with it out jab and sort
of slightly towards the hoop so the
right hand has the ball you don't want
to step with the left foot kind of to
the left and and towards the group or
the defender ok so come in like that
ok from there you're going to create
separation by going into that step back
you're gonna come at come here
ok now normally what's going to happen
format is most guys will take another
dribble and then we'll do whatever it is
that they're going to do
we're gonna kind of take that next level
though and make it quicker
ok and what we're going to do is
basically come from this float it and go
right into the crossover a little bit
quicker instead of having to do that
extra trouble before making that
direction change you can use this as a
way to blow I defenders now the reason
this is gonna work is when you step in
you'll probably get the defendant moving
back a little bit right then when you
step back
odds are going to think you're going to
go for that shot so what I would
recommend you do on this if you want to
try to blow by them with it is not sell
this baked forward too much does your
mom want the target close this gap on
you so you can beat him with the cross
because if they're too far away and you
do the crossover they can recover and
stay in front of you want to you know
having kind of tight to you not to type
that you can't get the crossover off of
course oh so stepping in floating coming
back and going right into that crossover
that'll allow you again once they closed
that gap to make that direction changing
have the angle to get past them again if
you sell them too hard on this step and
then they don't close this gap enough to
do this crossover and they're still back
here the crossover is really not gonna
be very effective so that details can be
very important to making this move work
if you haven't grabbed my free work i'll
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other things all at once we're gonna
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share this video with a friend thanks
for watching stay tuned for more break
some ankles today
TOP 3 Crossover Moves! Basketball Ankle Breakers: Shifty Basketball Moves | Snake
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TOP 3 Crossover Moves! SHIFTY Basketball Moves: Basketball Ankle Breakers | Snake

1654 Folder Collection
尤暐智 published on March 19, 2017
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