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  • Fanning fire with piece of Eucalyptus bark

  • Cutting bark with a stone

  • Splitting wood with a stone

  • Assembling fan and rotor

  • Lashing together with strip of bark fiber

  • Fanning fire

  • Digging clay from creek bank

  • Making a fan housing from clay

  • Hole in housing should be same size as hole in spout

  • Drying in hut next to fire

  • Dried housing

  • Wooden socket

  • Air is now sucked through top of housing and is blown out towards the fire

  • Fan always blows air regardless of which way it spins

  • Clay pipe or "Tuyere"

  • Now air is forced directly into fuel bed

  • Wooden stakes

  • Carving another socket

  • Lashing crossbar on with lawyer cane

  • Making cordage from bark fiber

  • Cord is attached to stick and looped around fan rotor

  • Rotor spins easier and faster now

  • Making a furnace from mud

  • Iron bacteria (orange slime)

  • Iron bacteria is commonly found in creeks, swamps and springs

  • Crushed charcoal is added to reduce the ore to iron and white wood ash is added to lower the melting point of the ore

  • The ingredients are formed into a brick

  • Charcoal from a previous video

  • Pulling melted material from furnace

  • This is mostly slag

  • A few tiny specks of iron metal from the slag

  • Parts of the blower

  • Assembled blower

Fanning fire with piece of Eucalyptus bark

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Primitive Technology: Forge Blower

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