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WAH! Banana.
You're Sony! I know your cousin, Play Station.
Wow, Play Station, the very famous one
Do I hear Play Station?
That's his cousin.
Your cousin...very good!
I like your cousin.
You! Come, come, come. HIt me, hit me, hit me.
No feeling. One more time. Hit harder.
No kick. No kick. Come, anyone else?
Hey, you're that really famous Chinese phone!
It's me. It's me.
Hi, I'm Daryl.
I know your name. You're...Jiao-My
Your attention please. This is the final call for LTU flight...
Sorry, sorry, you're not allowed on board.
Excuse me, sir, you're not allowed on board.
Mr. Galaxy Note 7, I'm so sorry, but you're not allowed on board.
Moto, you haven't died yet?
LG, you're still alive?
Why are you dressed exactly like me?
Whoa, whoa, whoa....watch your words. My lipstick different! Not the same!
Hey, how's it going?
Hey, here's an update. What do you think?
Hello? Hello?
I think it's okay.
Okay then, good, good!
Hello? Hello? Hello?
WOW!!! Google Pixel! Google Pixel! Google Pixel!
WOW! iPhone 7 Plus!
Hey guys? I'm cool!
Hey, Welcome to group chat. LG, go in, go in. Very good.
Oppo, go in. Very good. Huawei, it's fantastic. Go in.
Wait, BlackBerry, where do you think you're going?
Go in that room!
WAH! Banana.
Sony Ericsson.
Hello, it's me.
Rockabye, baby, rockabye.
I got a pen. I got an apple.
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If Phone Brands Were People

27167 Folder Collection
missnerdypants published on March 23, 2017    missnerdypants translated    Sabrina Hsu reviewed
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