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bonjour hello nice to meet you I will be your French teacher today
for our first lesson how about we start out with the personal subject pronouns
or as they're called in French les pronoms personnels sujet
I is je in French
it is written J E and again it is pronounced je
for your first sentence with je you could say
je parle français which translates to I speak French
do you want to give it a try ?
then let's try to say it together Je parle
français did you just say ?
if so congratulations
you just spoke French
you is tu in French
it is written T U and again it is pronounced
for your first sentence with tu why not try
tu parles plusieurs langues
which translates to you speak several languages
I will say it again
do you want to say it along with me this time okay
let's give it a try together tu
parles plusieurs langues Bravo!
that was great
he is il in French
to say he is tall
you would say il est grand. She
is elle in French
for example elle est belle
which means she is beautiful you've just learned the singular subject pronouns in
Bravo let's take a look at the plural ones now
we is said nous in French
nous irons à la plage l'été prochain
nous irons à la plage l'été prochain which means
we will go to the beach next summer
can you say nous
awesome you in its plural form is said
vous in French for example aimez-vous tous le goût des framboises ?
aimez-vous tous le goût des framboises ? translates to
do all of you like the taste raspberries
can you say vous
now try aimez-vous
which means do you like
let's say it together aimez-vous do you like
do you want to try it one more time
here we go
aimez-vous do you like
now let's try do yoy like this song aimez-vous cette
aimez-vous cette chanson
now we're talking
great job
as a side note in French vous is also used instead of tu
in situations where you want to be more polite even if you are speaking to only
one single person
tu is used only when speaking to someone you know very well and feel close to
such as a friend a family member etc.
in English they is used for both men and women without distinction
however in French we say il for men
and elle for women
basically it's the same as the singular you simply have to add and
s at the end of each thus for instance
to say they are good friends when speaking about two girls
you would say elles sont de bonnes amies we will see more about verbs
and general vocabulary in the lessons to come
for now let's just concentrate on the subject pronouns
and try to memorize them
let's say them out loud one last time okay
here we go Je meaning I
tu you meaning you il meaning
he elle meaning she nous
meaning we vous meaning you ils
and elles meaning they
et voilà Bravo you now know the subject pronouns in French
in the next lessons we will get into the most
essential verbs which are needed to construct basic sentences
thank you for your interest in the French language thank you for supporting
our work
and liking this video
if it was useful in helping you learn the subject pronouns
in French your support is important to us
and it is only thanks to your support that we can continue to make videos
and provide you with free French lessons thank you for subscribing to our
channel to show your support
and also in order to be informed when new lessons are up to date
and last but not least thank you for commenting below
and letting us know what you think about this video and what you would like
to learn more about so we know want to concentrate on
in future videos looking forward to seeing you
in the next lesson à bientôt have a great day!
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French Language Learn French Pronunciation How to Speak French for Beginners Lesson 1

350 Folder Collection
pipus published on March 15, 2017
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