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you know the world of English is a fun and exciting place to be
we're so glad you could join us for another lesson
hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in Englaaaaaaannnnnd.
hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so
are you happy I hope so
in this lesson we will look at two actions which many of us do
although maybe not as often as we should
today we will talk about saying please and thank you
saying please
we usually say please when asking for something or as a polite way of saying
yes to an offer
please can i watch some TV
can I please go out to play
may I please leave the room
could I please have some ice cream
would you like some ice cream
oh yes please do you want something to eat
yes I would please can I offer you a cup of coffee
oh please that would be great
the word please can be used to show satisfaction and pleasure
I'm pleased with my new house
this job pleases me your music gives me pleasure
I'm very pleased to meet you
from those few examples you can see that
please and pleasure are closely related in origin but are sometimes used in
completely different ways
if something makes you pleased
you can say that you feel uplifted perked chaffed gladdened overjoyed over
the moon saying thank you
the action of saying thank you is seen as the most polite way of showing how
grateful you are for receiving something or as a way of acknowledging an act of
kindness we say thank you to show our appreciation by saying thank you
you show your gratitude you express your appreciation
you acknowledge the kindness you return the generosity verbally you offer your
sincerest thanks
you are grateful
there are many ways to say thank you thank you thank you very much
thanks a lot thank you so much
thanks a bundle you are too kind thanks ever such a lot
Cheers tar very much
sometimes we may express surprise and joy as well as showing our thanks
wow how kind thank you
that's good of you she is I don't know what to say
thanks a lot I'm overwhelmed
thank you so much what can I say
you are the best thank you very much
this present is so nice
oh you shouldn't have
- oh dear i appear to be in the wrong lesson
mmm how embarrassing I suppose I had better go
whoo saying thank you is the best way to show your gratitude to another person
it is a polite thing to do to acknowledge someone's kindness is a nice
thing to do and don't forget kindness creates more kindness
I hope
well that is all from me for today
may I offer you my sincerest thanks for watching me teaching you this is mr.
Duncan in England saying
tatar for now
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Learning English - How to say PLEASE and THANK YOU in English - Speak English with Duncan

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pipus published on March 15, 2017
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