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(bright pop melody)
- [Voiceover] Hi, everyone. It's me, Ann.
And today is DIY day.
We will be making colorful bow rings and bracelet charms.
These are perfect for Spring and Summer time.
They're just so colorful and fun to look at.
And as a bonus, I will also show you
how to make a mustache pendant.
I had so much fun making these bow rings and mustache.
They all turn out so cute and pretty.
So, let's not waste any time and get into this, shall we?
(bright pop melody)
Okay, so let's start with materials.
All you will need are some polymer oven baked clay,
nail polish for coloring.
You know, if you want to change up the colors
and add more variety, then this is a great way to do so.
And a gloss coating.
This will protect your clay
and also gives it a nice glossy finish,
which makes the color a lot more vibrant and stand out more.
For tools, you will need a knife.
Plastic knife will do.
And something to roll and flatten the clay with.
Here I have some ring base that I bought from etsy.com
and I will include the link on the bottom of this video.
Okay, so let's get started, shall we?
The clay usually comes in bars like this.
To make this, I only need like about 1/3 of the bar.
Cut off a third with the knife
and then soften if by kneading it with your fingers.
Next, roll it into a ball like how I'm doing right here.
And then, roll it down into a barrel shape.
Make it wide as your three fingers together, combined.
Then, narrow the ends a little bit,
just like how I'm doing here.
Once you have your shape, roll it flat
and then evenly as you can to form a oval ribbon,
just like this right here.
Try not to make it too thin.
Otherwise, it will not maintain shape easily.
And if you make it too thick,
then it just be, you know, too chunky.
You just want to make it flat enough
to mold it into a shape.
Now that you have this flat, long oval as the ribbon,
fold in the sides, just like how I'm doing it here.
Okay, so now we need to cinch in the center of this ribbon.
The next thing you are going to need to do
is take something that's flat and small,
so that way you can push the center inward.
And then, pinch the top and the bottom together.
(light melody)
Okay, so now it's time to make another ribbon.
What you're going to do
is cut out 1/8 of the clay bar again.
Knead it and then roll it into a bowl,
and then a long barrel.
Once you have your long barrel,
go ahead and flatten it out to your desire
with something that's wide enough
to cover the center of your bow.
And then, you're going to take that
and then wrap it at the center of your ribbon bow.
And once you're happy with that,
go ahead and snip off the extra remaining.
So, that is basically how you make your bow.
And I would suggest to make as many as you like
before baking them.
Okay, so for the mustache pendant,
what you're going to do is go ahead and prep the clay
the same way you did with the bow.
Just create a flat surface big enough for you
to place the mustache picture and template on.
And we will get to that in a bit.
So, once you have the flat surface laid out,
print out a mustache drawing or you could draw it yourself.
If you want this template, I will put this on my blog.
so that way you can print it out.
What I'm basically doing here is cutting out my template,
so that way I can lay it on top of my clay.
Once that's cut out, I'm gonna lay it on my clay.
And then, take a knife and cut around the template.
After you're done cutting,
I suggest you soften around the shape with your fingers.
If you want to make this into a necklace pendant
or something else, then make sure that you add in your holes
before you bake these.
Now, it's time to bake these wonderful creations.
Make sure to follow the instruction
on the packaging of your clay.
Mine is to preheat the oven to 275 Farenheit.
And then, bake them for 15 minutes.
After they are done baking,
let them cool at room temperature.
And then after that, you can have fun
and decorate them however way you like.
I like to decorate this with little embellished pearls.
You could totally do this with rhinestones.
It would look really cute, as well.
You can also use your old nail polishes
to give this some color.
Or paint some glitter over this to give it some sparkles.
If you want to keep the color of the clay,
then go ahead and cover this with some gloss.
It will look just as pretty.
Lastly, with some hot glue,
I'm going to glue the bows onto my ring base right here.
For the mustache pendant,
all I have to do is take some jump rings
and loop it into the holes that I made earlier.
Then, I'm just going to loop it into a necklace.
And that's pretty much it.
Thank you guys so much for watching.
Don't forget to thumbs up to support my videos
and subscribe if you want to see more weekly videos.
Other than that, I will talk to you guys next time.
Love you! Ciao!
(light melody)
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DIY Accessories: How to Make a Cute Bow Ring & Mustache Necklace | ANN LE

636 Folder Collection
pon published on March 11, 2017
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