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Hey, How's it going bros! Did I scare you? *Pewd's last breath*
Welcome back to Resident Evil Part 2.
Thank you for joining me on another episode
We're doing this whole game together
Just like good 'ol times.
I don't think we finished the first chapter.
Okay we really gotta phone call.
Goddamnit Zoella is in on this.
Goddamn it Zoe!
I don't think I wanna go.
I don't think I wanna go.
Uh the reviews are in on this game...
A lot of people are praising it, Im so glad to be playing it.
I talk a lot about games and shit in general.
Uh, but whenever i find a game that I really and truly enjoy
To be sharing it online with you guys... Its such a fucking cool thing.
Literally everyone is playing this fucking game on YouTube
Right now like it's soo popular.
But I appreciate that you chose- ha- to watch this with me.
Ha- of all people *Sarcasm*
My god Okay
You know, when your girlfriend comes back to life- that's a good que- at least you know in my opinion-
That you should just- should just- get the fuck out.
Also a thing that you bros pointed out was that in the VHS tape they kick in the door-
And then all of a sudden the door is back and not broken anymore...
I just wanted to point that out really quick while I pretend that I- know-
where I'm going..
Oh yeah! We have the bolt cutter now.
Forgot about that... What are we using?
Hey! Look at that!
Why didn't we smack out girlfriend with that one..? No offence...
hey, there's the fuse.
We can use the stairs thing now...
Let's do that...
Wha- Fuck no, she's back. Oh my God I can't handle this.
My poor heart.
erm. Wheres the f- cabinet, here it is.
Got it.
Pretty straight forward, i like this menu.
Pretty cool.
P-cool i like it alot.
Alright now that we dont that
see im good a- AHH
No it's not you
Where the fuck did she came
Don't stab me an- oh
Can you stop!
How is my hand..not. Fuck thats the second time she did that.
Pull it out
Pull it out!!
Oh shit
Oh shit
Oh..Ohh... oh hell no
OOh no oohh
The fuck!
But i fixed the stairs
Oh she sawed off my arm
I wounder if a health pack.. use a health pack
That'll make it grow back.
Ahh that's bad.
Ahh what the fuck?
Ugh not on the painting, jesus.
Its going everywhere
Ah god no i need a
I need to escape
Here we go
Got 'em
This is fucking crazy
Jesus christ
I think when your girlfriend saws off
Your err.. arm with a chainsaw
That's a good- thats a good time to be like
Maybe this relationship isnt working out
Hey there's the stairs.
That'll save my arm.
Yeah dont mind me im just bleeding out.
No big deal.
Dont worry about it.
Did i give up on my arm?
See, remember before when i said we need to confirm the kill
Always confirm the kill.
We got handgun ammo
Jav la.. oh my god.. fuckin
Im so on edge
It's ridiculous
Damn you look good, hey pa pa
ah fuck what was that
Damn.. yo-you g- you ladies keep rocking man
Ok if we got hand gun ammo
That means theres a gun
Where is the gun
Oh my god
More hand gun ammo.. but wheres the
K.. i suppose we go up stairs
I dont know
How we climb this
Ah i think we need a gun
Real fucking bad right now
I dont know
Dont hurt the- dont hurt them they didnt do anything
Fuck this bitch is fucking terrifying
My god
Wheres the fucking gun
More ammo- i dont need more i need a gun
Get the gun get the gun
M719 Motherfucker
Cant reload
ugh - is she walking through the fucking wall?
Ok, well that didnt go like super well
Or anything
Ok its a boss battle i get it- i get it
We gotta kill that bitch
Hey Mia!
Why dont you make a pizza
Because your name is mama m- ia
Alright bitch
Ah just let me..
Got 'em
What th- what the
Ok.. we- i think tha- she seemed like on- one shot kill cam
Kinda thing
Shes running
Jesus fucking christ
Can you stop doing that?! It fucking hurt
Oh my God I'm really low...
I don't know what you're talking about
Fuck it scares me so much
Okay... We're fine...
Everything's fine, this happens like every
Every now and then
Just a...
Pour that on my little crippled arm
Why won't you just fucking die
Hi five!! FUCK YOU!!
CONFIRM THE KILL!! That's what I say, confirm the kill
Not on my fucking watch you're gonna come back again
Im just wasting ammo at this point.
but thats fucking right i showed you, i showed you mother fucker
That's fucking right.. poke one in the ass
aaw she said '' i love you''
I dont care
You saw off my arm- mmh
ugh SHI--
When will it fucking stop
No my face
I see how it is.
He- he just threw us out the house
No what the fuck is that
Is that.
Like a ss- cy
Really Pewds
The ones with two heads. what are they called
Is that whats that's - one eye
Its an Ogre
Ohh what- what are they gonna do to me.
Wait what?
Did she just fucking staple my arm together?
What the hell is that all about.
Now thats some crazy fucking
All you need is staples?
We've been doing science wrong all along
Are yo- are you into this?
I kinda enjoy the fact we were gonna play with
One hand
I guess i can.. ugh
Oh my go-od
Are they wearing masks?
UGH-h-h shit
'Its good'
'Not again?'
'Not again?'
Oh my god
No i dont want to eat that
eew ugh
ugh its scare pewdi- ugh
You made that
This is so fucking weird
What the fuck
I bet its that cop
thats.. fucking weird
i wonder how my face looks like.
So i still have my arm.
Psst.. hey granny Psst
Come on wake up
You gotta save me
You're my only hope granny
Ahh fuck.
I have to get the hell out of here
Hey im fine, how bout that
We're going to run away together.
*Granny voice* im to old
Shut up granny
Im gonna make it out of here alive
One way or another
Food looks pretty good actually
Pretty good
Alright wheres the exit
Where am i?
Im disoriented
Did the house change?
It Did didnt it?
The fuck is this
Could this be a way out
Secured tape
Sorry guys if I missed something this is my first time doing subtitles...
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Resident Evil 7 - Part 2 - IS THIS TOO MUCH?

955 Folder Collection
盧美嘉 published on March 11, 2017
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