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Hello guys!
Tonight, we're heading out to
go to the BIGGEST outdoor
bed cinema in the world!
This is the first time we're going to go to something like this.
We don't know what to expect
hopefully it will be lot's of fun!
Hey, so we're at Parramatta park now,
where the cinema is being held.
It's been raining the past two days so,
we're really fortunate that the rain's actually stopped today.
The weather forecast said it's 0% chance of rain
but we'll see how we go.
The sky looks a bit gloomy and the clouds are a bit dark
so we're hoping it really will hold up.
Parramatta park
is the perfect location for an outdoor cinema.
Located on 85 hectares of parkland,
it is far enough from the CBD to not hear any noise,
but also close enough to be convenient.
Have you ever been to an outdoor cinema?
Mov'in bed is a unique experience,
in that it consists of 150 inflatable queen size beds
each with their own pillows and blanket.
Beds aren't allocated,
so make sure to arrive early
to grab your preferred spot.
I think we managed to grab one in the middle.
You can bring your own food to the cinema,
but we decided to try the food that they had available there.
They had a street sliders food truck
as well as a pop-up bar.
Being the foodies that we are,
we decided to have one of each of the sliders.
As night hit,
our bedside tables started to light up.
It was so pretty!
It was such a lovely experience
being able to watch a movie in bed under the stars.
Thanks, Mov'In Bed for having us.
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel and food inspiration
Find me on Instagram,
and don't forget to check out my blog.
If you would like to help keep this channel going,
don't forget to check out my Patreon page as well.
See you in the next video.
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The Biggest Outdoor Bed Cinema In The World! - Our Mov'In Bed Experience

592 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on March 11, 2017
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