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Hello and welcome everybody I am Niharika and today we are going to look at different
ways to eat. Well eating is the most important thing that we do, every single day. So in
English we have a list of vocabulary that would help you to talk about the different
ways of eating. Pretty interesting right? Now this would help you to talk fluently the
next time you are extremely hungry or when you are talking about food. So let's get started.
Well the first one is, to binge. Now to binge means when you indulge in food and you just
eat uncontrollably. Well to be honest it's an eating disorder. Now the correct meaning
of binge is, it's an eating disorder wherein you know you just constantly eat, eat, eat
and in large amounts. But then while we speak in a very casual way, you might have noticed
people end up saying, "Oh my God I am starving and I'm going to binge on these snacks here."
So when you speak casually you can end up using the word binge. However, the real meaning
of it is that it is an eating disorder, wherein you eat uncontrollably okay.
Then the second one that we have is masticate. Well masticate uhh is another word for chewing.
Well yes we chew our food, right with the help of our nice and white bright teeth. Well
masticate is when you chew your food. When you crush and grind it with the help of your
teeth. So that is, masticating. And if you have to use this is in a sentence, you can
say, "well the camel masticates the food with the help of its front teeth." So basically
he chews his food with the help of his front teeth. Okay.
Then the next one is, to guzzle. Now many people get a little confused when it comes
to using the word, guzzle and when it comes to using the word, gobble. But here I am,
I'm going to help you with the right meaning and the right way to use it. Now to guzzle,
it means to drink. Okay so when you are drinking very hastily in a very rapid or in a very
eager way, to drink rapidly. Okay it means that you're guzzling down your drink. Okay
so when you're, you know probably you are drinking it in a very eager way because you
love to drink. Like boys, they guzzle down their beer because they love their beer so
they drink in a very rapid way. Okay so that's what the meaning is, when you guzzle down
a drink. But if you see another word here, which is to gobble or to gulp, it means when
you eat your food without chewing it. So many a times, when you are hungry and you end up
picking up just large amount of food and you just put it, gulp it down in your mouth. You
just directly swallow it. So you really don't chew it properly but you end up swallowing
it, you end up gulping it down or gobbling it down. Okay so usually these verbs are used
with the word down. So like I gobbled down my breakfast. I gulped down my breakfast okay.
So this is the way you would use this. So the correct meaning of this word is, when
you are just swallowing your food in a very hurried manner without chewing it. Okay so
hope you got the difference between the words guzzling down and gobbling down.
Okay the next one is bolt. Now bolt is used when you eat again in a very hasty manner.
However, you only bolt down food when you are in a hurry. So you eat quickly, the reason
because, you are getting late, you are in a hurry. Probably you got up late so you just
bolting down your breakfast. Okay because you are late, right? So it means, to eat quickly
because you are in a hurry. Okay the next one is, nibble. Well children
do you ever see them eating? Well all they do is that they nibble at their food. And
what does it mean? Well when they take small bites okay and they eat very small quantity.
So that is nibbling. Especially when you are eating a corn, a sweet corn. You generally
don't take big bites of it, right? You just take small bites and you basically nibble
at it. Very small quantity and small bites, right? So it's small amount of food, small
amount of food with small, taking small bites. Okay so hope you got this right.
The next one is, peck at food. Now again peck at food means, when you eat reluctantly. Something
that you don't like. Well you go to someone's house and they have served you and of course
they have served you with all their love. But you really don't like it. You don't like
the taste of it and you don't wish to eat it. So what you do is, you eat it because
it's served to you but you eat in a very reluctant manner and so you end up taking very small
bites. You kind of play with your food. Okay so like, the other day I went to my friend's
house and she served me some fish and trust me it was not nice. I didn't like the flavour,
it wasn't cooked properly. But I ate it reluctantly. So basically what I did is, I pecked at the
fish. So I was eating reluctantly and taking small bites of it. Okay so next time you don't
like something, use this. Okay then the next one, is gnaw. Now gnaw,
well here the g is silent, you just end up pronouncing it as gnaw and what it means is,
when you keep on chewing on something. Something which is really, especially meat, when it's
not cooked properly, when it's a little raw. You keep chewing on it because it's too hard,
it's too tough right. So rather than you saying that, oh I have to chew this repeatedly, you
can say, I am done gnawing on this meat. So here you are chewing it constantly, repeatedly.
Okay so when you chew your food repeatedly, that action is called as gnawing. Like the
dogs, when you end up giving them a bone, they keep on gnawing at it. The reason because
it's hard, right. It's really tough. So they keep chewing, biting repeatedly. So that's
the word for you. And then the next one is, to munch. Well when
you are watching a movie in the theatre, you hear people munching on their chips, right.
So that's what it is, they are munching when you hear this noise. I don't know how to show
it to you right now but then you know when you eat chips or when you eat something which
is really crispy. Okay it's noisy right. Your eating is pretty noisy. So the right word
to use is, to munch. Well stop munching at that apple. Apples are usually nice and crispy
and they make a lot of noise when you eat it or chips when you eat it, it makes a lot
of noise. So that is munching. So eating in a noisy way. That crisp sound that comes out
of your mouth, that's munching. Okay and then the last one that I have for
you is, quaff. Well that how it should be pronounced as quaff and what it means? Well
it means to drink something with large draws. So when you are in a very happy mood and you
keep drinking and you take large sips, then that means that you're quaffing, your drink.
Drinking heartily with large sips. Okay some beverage that you really liked it, it's really
nice. Maybe your martini or your margarita and you take these large sips, this means
that you are quaffing your drink. Okay so these are some words that would help
you to talk about the ways of eating and of course drinking also. So please do use them.
I'm sure this would help you to talk fluently and I’ll be back with a new lesson soon,
till then you take care.
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10 Verbs to describe different ways of eating - Advanced English lesson - Speak English fluently

1065 Folder Collection
Coby published on March 4, 2017
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