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From the FT in London, here's the latest on markets.
Donald Trump's been to congress overnight and traders and investors were clamouring for detail.
Detail on taxes, detail on infrastructure spending.
What they got was Donald Trump.
A more conciliatory Trump to be sure,
this was no rerun of his American carnage inauguration speech,
BUT, he was light on detail.
Now, that might be expected to deliver a blow to the dollar,
which has been boosted by expectations that has promised spending splurge will jack up inflation, but enter stage left.
Bill Dudley, Influential New York Fed Chief,
who said yesterday that case for raising rates again reasonably soon has become more compelling.
Suddenly, expectations for another rate-rising March have shot up.
It now stands at 80% from 50/50 yesterday.
The dollar is at a six-week high.
Over in supposedly politically-stressed Europe, new business survey data showed that manufacturing is having its strongest run since 2011,
painting a picture of an increasingly robust industrial recovery.
Today's first batch of regional German inflation figures also suggest the national rate is running at over 2%.
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Dollar hits six-week high, strong EU data | Market Minute

47 Folder Collection
Colleen Jao published on March 3, 2017    Colleen Jao translated    Hsin reviewed
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