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Welcome back guys!
Let's continue on our journey, through Barcelona.
Good morning guys, it's day four
and we're in Barcelona
...and we are walking to our walking tour
that we're starting at 11 o'clock today
this time it's going to be a Gaudi tour
where we're going to go look at all the buildings that Gaudi designed
and he had a huge influence on this city
so I'm really excited to see all the architecture
and...yeh...we'll show you soon...
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day
so as per usual
we went in search for something good to eat.
On the main street of Las Ramblas in Barcelona,
you will find an amazing place to have breakfast.
This is the La Boqueria Markets,
one of the most famous markets in Barcelona.
Here you can find fresh fruit,
as well as tapas,
juices and smoothies
and, of course, jamon!
Ooooo...this is good!
Iberian jamon!
After filling up our bellies at the market,
we joined another free walking tour with Runner Bean tours.
This time it was a Gaudi tour
which takes you around the city of Barcelona
exploring all the sights
that Antonio Gaudi designed during his lifetime.
Here we see the famous Casa Batllo
which is situated next door to Casa Amatller, designed by Josep Puig,
on The Block of Discord.
This was our tour guide.
One of the best things about travel
is being able to meet like-minded people.
Look! It's the Casa Mila!
Also known as La Pedrera,
Casa Mila was based on the Casa Batllo.
As with all of Gaudi's designs,
Casa Mila has barely any straight lines.
No Gaudi tour is complete
without a visit to the famous Sagrada Familia.
Antonio Gaudi began his work on the Sagrada Familia in 1883
and to this day, it is still under construction.
Our tour DID NOT include entry into the Sagrada Familia,
but we did book tickets ahead online
so after a short break,
it was time to head inside.
We entered through the Nativity facade,
which is dedicated to the birth of Jesus Christ.
W: Ooooooo! Are you excited Jenny?
J: Yes!
Our tickets included entry into the Nativtiy Tower
of the Sagrade Familia.
From the towers, you can see amazing views of the city.
As well as up-close detail...
of the building itself.
It is rumoured that the Sagrada Familia will be finally completed in 2026.
100 years after the death of Antonio Gaudi.
After admiring the interior of the building,
it was time to head back outside
through the passion facade
which is dedicated to the Passion of Christ.
Hopefully we can return one day, when this building is finally completed.
After a long day of sightseeing,
we went to meet up with my cousin Derek
and his wife Snoop.
They happened to be in Barcelona at the same time as us,
and so we decided to meet up to go have some dinner.
We started off the night at this amazing tapas place.
Look how busy it is!
What should we pick? Everything looks so good!
These salmon with Greek yoghurt and truffled honey were amazing!
A: Obviously fresh. Really nice yoghurt.
not overly blocking...just nice and smooth.
and then you get the sweetness of the honey
straight away!
Ok, so this is not just normal honey,
this is like special honey!
It's fantastic!
and then you get that nice crunch, obviously
to hold it all together.
This one is the sea urchins with sardines.
A: and you know why this place is so popular.
This place was so delicious, we couldn't stop ordering,
even though it was only meant to be a pre-dinner snack.
After tapas, Derek recommended this place for dinner.
We're gonna have...this...and this...and this one
and then we're going to get, 5 oysters!
W: Oh! I lost my prawn head
A: Oh! Oh no! We have a victim down the bottom.
The runaway prawn head.
She's gonna go fetch it.
A: Duck Paella, which I've never had before,
but it's fantastic.
The rice just soaks up the really juicy duck fat in it.
and then we got mushrooms
some peppers, which I thought were spicy,
but it's actually like capsicums back home
if you're Aussie.
Or bell peppers, if you're from America.
D: Did you tell them about the ham-olive?
A: Oh my gosh! so, I don't eat olives...
Spanish olives, for some reason, for me, tastes like bacon.
And these guys are part of the crew!
This is the guy who found the restaurant.
D: We're part of the production crew now. A: *laughs* Production crew!
It was also Jenny's birthday that day
so, what better way to celebrate, than with a glass of Sangria
Everyone: CHEERS!
Happy birthday Jenny!
Thanks for watching guys,
don't forget to like and subscribe,
and for more travel inspiration,
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video!
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TRAVEL VLOG #4: Barcelona - Amazed by the Sagrada Familia and Addicted to Tapas

2037 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on February 28, 2017
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