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So we are supposed to make a collaboration with Casey Neistat today
and I have been waiting here for about an hour
for him to show up, he's extremely late -
I don't know if he's running here, if he's Boosting Boarding here, I don't know if he knows you can take Ubers here in Los Angeles...
Maybe he's flying on the back of a drone.
I don't know, but he's taking forever
I'm gonna try to call him.
[quiet whirring sound]
[whirring grows louder]
[Ethan Confusion®]
Do you hear that??
[reading] "I'm out front"??
What is this?
Is this Casey?
[shouting over whirring drone noise] HAVE YOU NOT HEARD OF CELLPHONES?
[loud rustling]
DUDE thi--
[loud whirring still lmao]
[whirring intensifies]
(drone flies away)
Alright. Well..
I guess...
he's out front.
Let's go get Casey I guess then.
[Casey] Ethan!
Hey man!
Just tried to call you!
[Ethan] Hey dude.
Is this how you usually greet people..?
-Nice to see you dude.
-Yeah, yeah, it's good to be here..
-Do you wanna come in or..?
-Yeah! Yeah..It's just like I didn't want to annoy you with like phone calls or texts..
-Right, no, that totally makes sense. Drones are way more discreet than a phone call.
-Well it's cause this way you know where I am, and when you're ready..
-I know it's you!
-When you're ready... -Who else?
-..come find me.
-Cool, "I'm out front."
-Yeah! "I'm out front."
-Yeh, cool.
I got like a whole bunch- a whole bunch more signs in the truck.
-Cool, again.
-Like if.."Ya wanna get lunch?"..or -If you ever need...
Oh, good.
-Like "Need a snack," or "Where's the bathroom?"... -Cool, yeah.
Good to be here, man!
[Ethan Stare®]
[Ethan] This is...our office.
This is where you..uh, where you..
flew the drone.. [Casey] Yeah, I know dude. I know. -Yeah.
-I've watched so many of your videos that were shot right here..
-So I know you're numb to this environment...
-The camera.. -I just wanna like, look around and touch everything. :)
-Oh, go ahead! Touch whatever you want.
Don't touch that..
don't touch that.
So I wanted to ask you some questions.
-I want you to teach me how to drone.. -Okay.
-I want you to teach me how to Boosted Board. -Okay.
-And I want you to teach me how to clickbait better.
-You know, I, in the world of clickbait, you guys had me edged out!
-No fucking way!
-Me and Hila were just talking about your thumbnails! -No..
-Your thumbnails are..are..fantastic!
-No! -Mine are like me lookin' at the fuckin camera like...
[sparkle sound effect]
[strange music]
[laser shot sound effect]
But I think like you have to like, you have to respect the audience..
I think you have to intrigue, not mislead.
-Intrigue...Not mislead...
-That's right.
-Do I need to use Hila in the thumbnails more?
-I mean...
-I don't--
I've never put her in a bikini...
-I get called--I get called out for it but..
Like, I think that my--I think that Candis is a really, like, a pretty girl
and when I put her in the thumbnail--
especially when we're somewhere warm and she happens to be in the baby suit...
-She /happens/ to be topless..
she happens to be--uh.. -Take it easy!
-I've seen--I've seen you have thumbnails where she's not wearing her top and there's like side-boob
-Sure, sure
There's nothing that I would use in a thumbnail that's not like PG
It's not even PG-13
-What would you rate side-boob?
-Sideboob is clearly PG.
-Clearly. -I saw a woman at Whole Foods this morning in Venice with sideboob.
-I'm not... [sighs] sideboob...
I think that's PG-13 to be honest. If I'm just being honest.
-I had no idea how conservative you were.
-So, did you fly to LA in first class?
-Dude, are you trying to... yeah, yeah, I flew here in first class.
-Do you--you fly first class a lot, right?
-Anytime I'm not paying, it's usually like...
Business or first class, yeah.
-So, have you ever flown first class and not taken a selfie of it?
-No! Like, have you ever flown first class? It's incredible.
It's like the greatest experience ever.
-Actually, I haven't. But I will take selfies when..
I get that privilege. -It's the greatest experience ever.
Yeah, no, I... I love it.
-Had you negotiated to sell your business to CNN
before or after the video you made about Hillary Clinton?
[Casey in Hillary video] I will be voting for Hillary Clinton.
-Oh, way before. In fact, I
That almost, like that was...
That was like a touchy thing.
-So like the, to sell Beme was like a five, six month process.
And then with CNN in particular it was like several months with them.
-Um, so how much did Hillary Clinton pay you?
-Four million dollars.
-That's what... I figured something around there, plus or minus.
-You know, I've never said this on camera before.
But the conspiracy theorists that made the videos saying that Casey got "paid by Hillary" to do this..
That is such an uninventive...
Like, here's some good fodder for a...
Here's some good fodder for a conspiracy theory.
First of all, I know, um, Donald Trump's daughter Ivanka.
Personally. -Mm-hmm.
-She's a lovely human being. I don't have a bad thing to say about her. She's great.
That's a lot for a good conspiracy. Start there.
[Casey] They could have put together, like, a /really/ good conspiracy theory! [Ethan] Here's a good one:
"Popular vlogger makes a video endorsing Hillary Clinton,
and then, a month later, sells his company to CNN."
Let's talk about your PewDiePie video.
[Casey in PewDiePie video] When you have 53 million subscribers...
...it does come with a responsibility.
-Would you say that the like to dislike ratio is an accurate portrayal of the quality of that video?
-The dislike ratio was because of a negative video.
About what I had to say. -Hmm.
-When I launched the video, for the first 24 hours, it was very positive.
I felt like the jokes that he made were insignificant and stupid.
-Right. -But because he had such a light-- spotlight on him...
-Like, he is not able to make stupid jokes the way you or I can.
But that is a fucking drop in the pan
Compared to the god damn hit job!...
...that was the media.
-The hit job that was the media! -Well, I think if you...
-...would have acknowledged that in your video, people would have been way more receptive.
-But again, this is where it nuanced. I made that video when it was like...
The Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and a couple of...
-Yeah. -This is before it devolved...
-...to the fucking Wired headline that says YouTube...
...PewDiePie's always been a racist.
-PewDiePie has a gas chamber in his basement
Where he is gassing twenty Jews right now. Send the police.
-And I mean before, it-- it hadn't gotten there yet.
-I mean, my feeling, like, Felix aside, is that like-- I'm not a fan from South Park or anywhere else..
Of, like, anti-Semitic jokes. -Mmhm.
-I'm just not a fan of it anywhere.
It's very real.
And not only that, but like, it is still very, very real.
-Have you, um, have you heard about the new Jewish car?
-No. (shakes head)
-It turns on a dime and picks it up.
-Felix we love you.
I mean, speak for yourself.
Don't say "we."
Don't include "us."
Don't speak for me.
-I was speaking for, like,
-Don't put words in my mouth.
Um, Casey, we-- have you ever farted on your hand and smelled it?
(yes) That's, uh..
(of course) Look, I mean, there are 2 kinds of people in this world.
(subliminally puts thumbs up) Those who have farted on their hand and smelled it...
and liars.
-That's an /emphatic/ yes.
I agree, though. I agree.
Hila, have you-- have you farted on your hand and smelled it?
[Hila] I don't think I've done that.
[Ethan] I-- two kinds of people in this world;
[sniff sniff]
Casey, for my final question...
I was wondering..
will you teach me how to be a daily vlogger,
and by that, I mean will you teach me how to fly a drone?
-Alright. First thing you need is a [indecipherable]
[sick beat begins]
[Casey] Point it at yourself,
[Ethan] Fuuucking hell.
But I don't-- I just push it once?
-It's rolling. You're good.
-So I'm recording?
-Hey guys,
What up?
-And then ride it, and like--
-This is Casey Neistat-- see, look
[skateboard slams against the ground]
-Okay. That's fine.
[sick beat 2.0]
(Wow Ethan, great boarding, keep it up! Proud of you.)
-Ey, what up!
-You gotta say "What's up, guys."
What up, What up /PIMPS/.
[Ethan Klein Scream™] OAUGH
What up PIMPS this is Ethan from epicdailyvlogs.com!
[loud ass airplane]
Hit me up at dailyvlogs.com for your fuckin' PIMP action.
Daily vlogs.
[drones whirring]
You wanna play chicken?
-Play chicken?
What does play chicken mean?
-Oh, it won't go forward!
[Ethan Klein Scream™ Part 2]OAHU OUAG
-The hell are you doing?
[Sad piano music] (no more drone, i'm in the sad zone)
So how would you say that my...
how was that?
-I'm not kidding; it was
impressive that you got the drone so close to the camera...
and I appreciate the commitment of crashing it directly /into/ my camera.
Thanks, Ethan.
-Yeah, you know, I-- well, I'm trying to be a vlogger,
and I'm trying to deliver on the promise..
of-- of exciting drone footage.
-It was exciting. It was exciting.
-So lets do it again, and let's-- this time let's see if we can break something.
-Uhh, i gotta go.
-Yo, this thing still works after I crashed it. That's so amazing.
[loud, whining screech of fans failing]
Oh my...
[high tones of various pitches]
Is it...supposed to make that sound?
-So you couldn't believe it still worked?
-Dude, its all fine!
It's completely fine.
We got this, dude.
-So guys, thanks for-- -I gotta go.
Oh, I gotta give you guys a ride back!
(ethan bradberry remix starts)
(nice BradBeats ya got there)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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Interview with Casey Neistat

2083 Folder Collection
daniel published on February 25, 2017
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