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At last, I arrived.
bitter bean and dogfruit
The drink is free flow, right?
I'll have more, please
Oh my god, what happened?
The car isn't supposed to be parked there
I can't pass through, the car was blocking my way
Hey, you fucker!
What did you do to my car?
Did you hit my car?
I fell because of your car!
My car wasn't moving,
why'd you hit my car?
Don't park your car there, I can't pass through
Sir, listen to me
You were the one who was passing
and hit the car
It wasn't the car's fault
It was your fault
Hey, is this your car?
I'm the one who got hurt
so you should pay me
Come on, let's just hit him
Just give it up, man.
Pay him already
It's better than getting hit
Only 20?!
Give me more
Babe, wake up
It's so noisy, what is that sound?
Where is that dangdut from?
The neighbours are noisy, as usual
*Highway in 120 m*
Are you ready?
What happened?
The tires are flat
It's because the road is damaged
They never fix it
This must be because the candidates of
People's Regional Representative Council didn't get elected
I love you
Oh, stop it
Mun, do you smell anything weird?
It smells so bad here
I think the river hasn't been cleaned yet.
What is your problem?
My girlfriend dumped me
My business hasn't been successful in 10 years
I got no money
I want my girlfriend back
Make my business prosperous,
so I can buy an island
If possible, return 10 of my girlfriends
so there won't by any loss
Drink my urine
for 3 days in a row
and leave nothing behind
I can't
I can't do it anymore
why don't you prefer to work out of the country?
It's nicer living outside the country
I can stay at your's when you're overseas
where I'm born is still better than any other place,
in Indonesia
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541 Folder Collection
Novita Susanti published on February 21, 2017
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