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- Mm-mm. - (Cough) Mm.
- Me, me, me, me.
Also word, me got something in me mouth.
Me got little cookie crumb.
Num num.
- One take Cookie, that's what they call you.
- Yeah, that's all me need.
Camera two.
- So you don't wanna give them any good stuff until the close-up cookie?
- No, me waiting for close-up.
Me professional monster here.
Me know how it works.
- Just give them garbage in the wide, that's right.
You can cheat the edit.
- They never use the wide shot.
- (Laugh) - That's right.
- Me gonna save the tears for the close-up.
- That's right.
No, no, no.
- Sorry. - For reading, for reading,
not for eating.
We'll get more into that after the break.
- Brilliant.
- You terrific.
- Bang, right, big swing.
- You so good at this.
- Thank you, Cookie.
You're a great hope man.
- Me in the shot.
You no want me in that shot.
Me here if you need me.
- Okay, on deck, he's on deck.
Cookie's on deck.
Our top story.
- Yeah, like that.
Do that again with the turn.
- That terrific turn.
- Not bad, right? - Me love it.
Keep it up.
- Ear touch.
- Ear touch?
- Something important is coming in.
- Do you do the one finger or the two finger touch?
- Two finger is something very serious had better be happening.
One finger- - But then two if you need it.
- Two if, I'm struggling to hear you.
- Whoa, me no believe it.
- Exactly.
- We have confirmation from Al Roker, but- - Confirmation from Al Roker does not
mean Al Roker.
- (Laugh) - Great job, Al.
- I'm gonna drop you like a bag of dirt.
I'm not telling you how to run camera.
- (Laugh) - (Laugh) You do not have Al Roker.
- (Laugh) - Expect two to three feet of GIFs.
That's GIFs, you want me to say GIFs.
- (Laugh) - Me believe it's pronounced GIF.
- That's what you believe.
I do, I believe.
(Sound) You know what?
I don't need this, okay.
I'm out of here.
- Al? Me losing Al.
- Al. - Al.
- Al. - Where'd Al go?
He made run for it?
- Where did he go to?
That man is a mystery.
Wow, he really stormed out of there.
So, you get it because.
- No quit with your day job.
Stick with the news.
Yeah, but I can't.
- It's okay. - No, I don't think it is okay.
- No, no, it's fine.
You're going to be fine.
- Because you get it, though, right?
- Me get it.
- Right. - But
me no think it really work, quite work in this setting.
- Well, it work, I mean- - Maybe on a different show.
- Well, fundamentally, structurally it works, it's a weatherfront,
there's a storm and a weatherfront.
- Yes, structurally it works because it's stormy, weatherman.
- It crosses over.
- But me think it just not quite get there.
- Well, well, it's subjective.
- Here the line, here the joke.
(Sound) - (Laugh)
- Not quite there.
- (Laugh) I'm not sure about that.
I think there's a line, and the joke.
I think it's through.
- No, me think it was that way.
- I think it's- - No, wait a minute!
- Al.
- Al, Al here.
- Is he back? Al.
- Al back.
What do you think, Al?
Al weighing in.
Al says, he no buy it - No, it's a solid weather joke.
Come on Al.
- We on to sports already.
- I feel this- - You can drop it.
- I feel I'm resolved. - It was a good try.
Me appreciate the effort.
- Well, that's passive aggressive.
- Do you think Grover is watching this?
(Laugh) Hi, Grover.
- Cookie Monster is back in the studio, Grover's not here.
- (Laugh) It's a shame, he's my favorite, hi Grover.
- You got cookie?
That solve everything. - Wow, that is your go-to, isn't it?
- I'm really honored to be here on TV, and
I guess I just wanna say thank you mom for giving birth to me and.
- That's good, that's good, that's good.
- Got a little bit of something.
- Yeah, better, better, what?
Probably a cookie.
- Me think it cookie crumb.
- Okay.
- Me got crumbs in here from the 80s.
- (Laugh) - That's-
- We got one.
It's vintage.
1983 oatmeal raisin.
- That's nice.
Before the FDA stepped in, that's the real stuff.
- Yeah.
- I don't know if the.
(Laugh) Okay. - Is that newsroom gesture?
- Do you know what?
- On to sports.
- (Laugh) I think on to- - Me like it.
- I think on to anything.
- That works. - That works.
That's right, it doesn't just need to be sports.
- No, it could be anything.
- Okay, and onto more terrible news about the wealth gap.
We never quite got that.
- Yeah, sorry, yeah.
- (Laugh) - Yeah, you're right, you're right.
We never did the thing we're supposed to do, you're right, yeah, okay.
- (Sound) Let me get that leather piece in here.
What kind of belt you wearing?
- (Laugh) - (Cough)
- (Laugh) No,
don't, leave the hanky alone.
Can you leave me with something?
- That not taste very good, that not cookie.
- It's not a cookie.
- Why you not tell me that?
- We've learned something about trust.
Just savor it at least.
- There's no way they can use any of that.
- Mm-mm.
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John Oliver & Cookie Monster Out-Takes

230 Folder Collection
何宇睿 published on February 17, 2017
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