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Hello again!
Let's go on a journey together
to Barcelona
We're at Nice Airport now, where we're just going in
we're gonna go check in for our flight
so we can go to Barcelona
I'm so excited!
From Nice to Barcelona, it only takes 1 hour 20 minutes by flight.
When we arrived at Barcelona,
we caught an Aerobus from outside the airport
to Placa Catalunya
This took roughly 35 minutes
A: This place is beautiful in such a different way!
From Placa Catalunya we caught the FGC
to the station where our hotel was located.
From there it was a short 10 minute walk to our hotel.
I think we arrived during siesta time
because there weren't many people on the streets.
A: It's just left and then right W: Yeah
Here we are!
For our stay in Barcelona
we booked a triple room
at a place called "Hostal El Ninot"
This place was recently expanded
so, fortunately, we got to pick a room
on the newer side of the building.
One down side
was that our room was a bit too far from where the modem was
so our WI-FI wasn't very strong...
...but, we got a courtyard!
After checking in
we went to join a free walking tour
with a local company called "Runner Bean Tours"
We joined the "Old City Tour"
which takes you around the Gothic Quarter.
Look how beautiful the facade on some of these buildings are.
Look! It's the Barcelona City Hall!
Welcome to Paradise!
At the end of this street
you will find the ruins of the Temple of Augustus
This is one of Barcelona's heritage sites.
Our tour eventually lead us to the Cathedral of Santa Eulalia
which is also known as the Barcelona Cathedral.
So we just finished our free walking tour with "Runner Bean Tours"
they're highly recommended on TripAdvisor.
We chose to go straight to the tour after getting off the plane
so we were really tired
and a lot of the information we couldn't really absorb it.
If you're unlike us
and you have a bit more energy
it would be recommended
because then you learn a lot about the history...
After the tour, it was time to explore the city on our own.
For dinner, we found a place to eat pintxos.
A: Cheers!
W: How's the sangria?
A: Yours is like fruity light wine
mine is like a heavy red
with lemonade.
W: Do you want to try your pintxo
A: yeh, so this is a capsicum or bell pepper
with a sardine
and it's got some salmon
and then inside's like a coleslaw
and obviously on the bottom you can see the piece of bread there as well.
it's good!
Pintxos are similar to tapas
except they are held together using cocktail sticks
At the end of your meal, your waiter will come around and count how many cocktail sticks are on your plate
and that will determine how much you pay.
At this particular restaurant,
it was 1.70 euro per pintxo
Here you will see a selection of cold pintxos that we picked out...
and here are some hot ones.
W: Pork loin..
A: Pork loin, but inside it there's this special sort of mince as well
W: This one was squid ink croquette
A: Squid ink croquette yep!
W: and um... A: This is codfish with cheese
W: I think this one's a breaded eggplant.
and what's this one? who ordered that one?
A: I think it was me...
W: Do you remember what it was? A: ...but I can't remember what it was.
all I know is it looks tasty!
Black pudding!
A: Get the M&M out of the way!
W: *laughing* J: Alright! Don't discriminate the M&M!
So, we just came out from dinner...
and look at the sky!
it's BLUE!
A: Looks like paint.
W: Like WTH how blue is this!
and it's night time
it's like a painting...
Time to get back home!
A: It's an old key!
W: Fail!
J: It's like a locket!
W: Fail!
A: But, it's not turning guys... ohhh...it's already open...
it's a push guys, there's no handle
it's like welded together.
Look how old school our elevator was!
isn't it charming?
We really liked how homey our hostel felt
walking into our side of the building
we had a communal living room
as well as a kitchen.
After a long day, it's time to go to bed.
Good night!
Thanks for watching guys
don't forget to like and subscribe
and for more travel inspiration
find me on Instagram and Facebook.
See you in the next video!
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TRAVEL VLOG #3: Barcelona Part 1/2 - Things to do in the Gothic Quarter

1551 Folder Collection
Winny Luong published on February 15, 2017    Charo Wen translated    Hsin reviewed
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