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President Donald Trump's use of Twitter is unprecedented for a world leader.
Consider his audience, the president's personal account @realdonaldtrump has roughly 24 million followers.
Compared that to his neighbouring leaders,
Mexican President Enrique Peña Nieto has 6 million,
and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with less than 3 million.
Barack Obama's personal account has 4 times as many followers as Trump,
but half as many actual tweets.
Trump built his campaign around the idea of speaking frankly and directly to people,
and Twitter provides the ideal platform for this.
He tweeted more than 240 times since the auguration day,
often directing that day's news flow in 140 characters or less.
Sometimes is to share his schedule,
sometimes to discuss foreign affairs,
and sometimes none of the above.
But with all of the added attention that the president has brought to Twitter over the past few months,
is the company attracting new users?
Not according to ComScore.
ComScore reported that Twitter's mobile app users actually fell more than 6 percent in November from the year before,
and 5 percent again in December to 45 million unit users.
For contacts, Snapchat has 82 million in the same month.
Facebook? Twice that.
Trump's spotlight on Twitter hasn't helped invested sentiments much either.
Shares are flat since election day.
And on the days that Trump tweets something particularly engaging to users, Twitter is not usually rewarded with the bump in the stock price.
For example, his most popular tweet by likes and retweets last month was this one, from Sunday January 2nd.
Liked by nearly 400,000 users and retweeted over 83,000 times,
but when trading resumed the next day, shares closed nearly flat.
UBS and pivotal research both downgraded Twitter from buy to hold last month,
citing among other things, muted growth among monthly average users.
So if Twitter the company is not benefiting from superuser President Trump, who is?
Perhaps democracy?
Twitter analyst James Cakmak from Monness Crespi Hardt wrote in December,
"Twitter is the lone platform where people worldwide can have a voice to serve as checks and balances on the media...
So Twitter still has a good chance to move onward and upward,
but we may not see it in revenue just yet."
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Can Trump's Tweets Help Twitter?

109 Folder Collection
Sabrina Hsu published on February 15, 2017    Sabrina Hsu translated    Hsin reviewed
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