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  • Yes?

  • I’d like to return this sweater.

  • Do you have the receipt?

  • No, I’m sorry.

  • I lost it.

  • Did you pay by credit card?

  • No, I paid cash.

  • Then I’m sorry.

  • I can’t help you.

  • But I just bought it this morning.

  • This lesson’s about the verb 'pay' and the prepositions that go with it.

  • So pay attention!

  • Were going to fix a common mistake.

  • Twenty five dollars?

  • Ooooo pizza!

  • Yes, come and have some, Kathy.

  • Who bought it?

  • Well, I ordered it.

  • And I paid for it.

  • Thanks Jay.

  • I paid $25.

  • I ordered extra toppings.

  • You know, I paid the pizza guy last week too.

  • Do you want us to contribute?

  • Oh there's no need.

  • He’s already paid for it.

  • OK.

  • So we can pay an amount, we can pay a person and we can just pay.

  • But notice we pay for something that we buy.

  • Remember that.

  • Pay for something.

  • So we pay someone an amount but we pay for something that we buy.

  • Do you want to split this?

  • No, no, I’ll pay for it.

  • Ah, thank you very much.

  • It was a beautiful meal.

  • When were talking about a currency, we say pay in.

  • So in dollars, in pesos, in rubles, in euros.

  • How much is that?

  • 10 Euros.

  • Oh, can I pay in dollars?

  • Err no, we only accept Euros.

  • Oh, that's OK.

  • And when were talking about a method of payment, we say by.

  • That’s ten euro’s please.

  • Oh, can I pay by credit card?

  • Err, no.

  • I’m sorry.

  • Oh that's OK.

  • I can pay in cash.

  • So it’s by credit card, by cheque, by phone, by PayPal

  • But cash is a little different.

  • You can sayby cashorin cash'.

  • And you can also skip the preposition and just say cash.

  • Did you pay by credit card?

  • No, I paid cash.

  • Then I’m sorry.

  • I can’t help you.

  • But I just bought it this morning.

  • OK, I have a question for you.

  • Imagine youre in a pub and youre offering to get some drinks.

  • Would you say 'I’ll pay for the drinks' or 'I’ll pay the drinks.'

  • Which one?

  • It’s the first one.

  • The second one is wrong.

  • You can’t say that.

  • You pay for something that you buy.

  • Great!

  • So now you know the prepositions to use with pay!

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Pay and Prepositions: Learn English With Simple English Videos

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