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- [Voiceover] Let's learn fractions.
Understanding fractions can be easy as one, two, three.
Just watch this video,
and you'll be using fractions with ease.
It's easy to count whole things,
like a pizza, a pie, or a donut.
But what if we only had part of one?
How would we count it then?
We'd use fractions.
A fraction looks like this.
The bottom number is called the denominator.
It shows how many equal pieces
an object has been divided into.
The top number is called the numerator.
It shows how many parts of the denominator
you are looking at.
For example, a pizza is usually divided into eight slices.
That means that, in a fraction,
the denominator would be eight.
If you normally eat one slice of pizza,
then one would be the numerator.
That means that you eat one eighth of a pizza.
If you normally eat two slices of pizza,
then two would be the numerator.
The denominator would still be eight,
since there are always eight slices of pizza.
That would mean that you eat two eighths of a pizza.
Let's try another example.
This pie is divided into six pieces,
and you eat four pieces of it.
If there were six pieces of pie, and you eat four,
what is the denominator of your fraction?
(upbeat music)
That's right, six.
What is the numerator?
(upbeat music)
Yep, it's four.
That means that you ate four sixths of the pie.
Let's try one more example.
If you and your friend have one donut to share,
then you will cut it into two pieces.
If there are two pieces of donut and you eat one,
what is the numerator of your fraction?
(upbeat music)
That's right, the numerator is one.
What is the denominator?
(upbeat music)
Right again! It's two.
When the fraction is one over two,
we call that one half.
Thanks for watching.
(upbeat music)
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Let's Learn Fractions - Understanding Math for Kids

226 Folder Collection
阿蘭 published on February 8, 2017
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