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  • In a Moment of Vision...

  • It's the 1940s, the height of World War II, Rochester, New York.

  • A chemist by the name of Harry Coover is conducting research for Eastman Kodak.

  • He and his team are looking for a clear plastic

  • to produce precision gunsights for the military.

  • They begin working with a family of chemicals called cyanoacrylates,

  • but find, to their extreme annoyance,

  • that the chemicals stick to everything permanently.

  • The cyanoacrylates are discarded.

  • After the war, Coover is working at Kodak's chemical plant in Tennessee.

  • This time, he and his team are researching

  • heat-resistant polymers for jet airplane canopies.

  • They try cyanoacrylates, but find, to their great frustration,

  • that the chemicals stick to everything permanently.

  • Again, the cyanoacrylates are discarded.

  • Coover, however, in a moment of vision,

  • realizes that the quality that makes these chemicals so infuriating to work with

  • is exactly what makes them valuable.

  • He takes out a patent and begins marketing a super glue.

  • Years later during the Vietnam War,

  • field medics find that using super glue on an open wound

  • instantly stops the bleeding,

  • saving countless lives.

  • Today, medical grade super glue is still used in surgery,

  • but it's also a nearly indispensable household item.

In a Moment of Vision...

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【TED-Ed】How super glue was invented | Moments of Vision 8 - Jessica Oreck

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