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The ultimate toastie.
Oozy on the inside,
but topped off with a crown of crispy cheese
We're not using flashy sourdough bread;
we're using a nice, humble white bloomer.
About a centimeter thick,
get yourself some nice butter
room temperature, always
A fairly light buttering,
and do both sides with the butter.
Get yourself a box grater
and you can use any cheese that you love
that's gonna melt nicely:
a good cheddar,
a red leicester...
Once the cheese is grated,
pile a handful onto your buttered bread,
and give it a squeeze.
And we're gonna put it into the pan.
You'll need your frying pan on a low to medium heat.
So what we wanna do is spend about 3 minutes on each side,
gettin' it beautiful and golden
there's that perfect temperature to get the middle oozy
Now, I'm gonna place some weight on the top
and just use whatever you got
around you just to weigh it down flat.
So okay let's remove the weights now
and we have here a perfectly legitimate
toasted cheese sandwich.
Alright? Lovely.
And many will be happy with that, okay?
I ain't. Alright,
I'm gonna grate a layer of cheese
around the bottom of my little pan here.
And almost think of it like a little doily
And we're gonna take this cheese sandwich
we're gonna put it bang on top
And in the course of a minute and a half,
it brings out completely different flavors from the cheese.
So you can see the fat splitting from the cheese,
and that's another opportunity
fat is coming out, fat means we can add flavor
just a tiny little pinch
of cayenne. Tiny!
You probably won't even see it,
but you will taste it.
Not as in hot, but as in like KICK
Be quite rough with it, don't be scared of it.
And then you get underneath it,
and you just hold it.
By the time that we count to 30,
we've then created,
our crown.
I mean I would love
to cook that for the queen.
Then we put a little bit more cheese
and we put it in the middle
And this is the final turn
four turns to perfection, guys
four turns
For perfection in the eating,
you gotta leave it for two minutes
because inside that toastie,
you know, the cheese is like a billion degrees Celsius.
Let's get the brown going.
the ketchup going.
Go ahead and grab that mango chutney out of the cupoboard.
This is what makes the world go round!
Crispy, gooey, fluffy, golden
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Ultimate Grilled Cheese Sandwich | Jamie Oliver | Jamie’s Comfort Food

13377 Folder Collection
韓澐 published on April 28, 2017    Jeanne translated    Colleen Jao reviewed
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