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  • This is gonna be cringe boys

  • Eyy

  • Eyy

  • Eyy

  • Eyy

  • Tyler1, man he a beta bitch

  • Drop a diss track on him, I'm like layta bitch

  • Ya, lyrics on some next level spiritual shit

  • Don't know why you with Chincayla, she call you miracle whip

  • You a trash fuckin streamer

  • Always playin H1, resident sleeper

  • A cooking stream? This gonna be good.

  • But I'd rather kill myself than eat that shitty food.

  • I want to mention Bailee she was nice as fuck

  • But she still went crazy and thought ... she got cucked

  • You went all the way to Wisconsin just to rail her

  • What's that? You got rejected? Back to the trailer.

  • Call me Bruce Willis, cuz after this you gonna die hard.

  • Lyrics so fire chat starts to spam 'TriHard'

  • What's wrong man? You look a little sad.

  • Well I know why, question mark, where's your dad?

  • You acting like one of those fucks on Reddit, Tyler1's a, chat spam, he said it

  • And don't even get me started on Greek, he even sounds like he hasnt showered in a week

  • 'Tyler stop, Tyler no!' If Greek's not a leech, Marissa wasn't a hoe.

  • *Autism*

  • This is getting sad, so much to roast, hey, please explain why your head look like toast?

  • You a beta bitch, but you can't bait us bitch

  • 'Oh I'm sssssssix five' man you fucking five six.

  • You can't take this at all, go punch a hole in your wall.

  • I saw you playing fucking football, and boy you were small!

  • You stutter so much, I'm starting to get pissed

  • Ya, there's a reason why I'm dropping this diss

  • Okay now one last thing, shortest streamer on Twitch

  • Call me Axiun now, cuz Tyler1's a fucking bitch.

  • *Realisation of roast*

  • *Stutter*

  • Dude this is fire!!!

  • Nohoho!


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