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It's right in the center of Spain, where all the roads and main railway lines converge.
It's the biggest and most lively city.
It's the capital. It's Madrid!
It has that artistic taste and some of the world's most famous museums.
The Madrilenians work very hard but know how to live well.
Here, people eat very well, love going out at night, and enjoy the best of life!
They enjoy going out with friends for "cañas and tapas".
This is Barrio de Salamanca, one of the best Madrid quarters.
It's full of bars, shops and restaurants.
Our school is very well located, close to the centre. Here we are!
Here we have the classrooms.
They are very comfortable and spacious because the groups are small.
We have 10 or 12 students per class on average
all of them at the same level.
We offer Spanish courses for all levels,
from beginners, who have never studied the language,
to the most advanced ones. We also offer courses of special interest,
such as culture courses, Spanish cinema courses,
or Spanish business language, for people who need it in their job.
The atmosphere in this school is wonderful,
because it's a new school and there are many people here who are really kind and happy, too,
and there's a lot of sun and a lot of light here, so it's,
yes, it's very nice to study here!
The classes are very amusing because
here you have different classes, like Communication.
And also the i-Lab, a class where we use computers a lot!
In Madrid, the students can enjoy two different kinds of accommodation.
I live with a family here in Madrid, and I like this very much.
The family normally cooks the typical food from Spain,
like "paella", "gazpacho" and different kinds of salads,
and that's very delicious. I love it!
It's very interesting to talk to them, cause they know many things about Spain!
We are living in the students residence
and we like it a lot because we feel really free.
There are students coming from all
over the world. It's very international.
Each day we schedule visits for the students who want to do things together.
We go to see a football match with Real Madrid
or Atlético, and we visit all places of interest.
The other day we were in Toledo, which is the ancient capital of Spain,
and it's very beautiful, very special.
It has very beautiful streets, and it has different styles,
arab style, very classical Spanish style,
Yes, I liked it very much, it's a beautiful city.
I like Madrid very much because you have a bit of everything,
and also there is a lot of culture and art.
The architecture is very beautiful, you have many museums and many terraces.
And Madrid has many parks, and that's something I like a lot, too,
that you can relax, read a book, whatever.
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EF Madrid, España - Info Video

164 Folder Collection
cltw published on January 22, 2017
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