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And there's a mark right here.
And if you just wanna turn and face the camera.
-Right here? -Yeah and I'm going to ask... what is your name?
-Alisha. -Alisha, okay. Whenever you are ready, go ahead, turn around and tell the fist lady what she means to you.
Okay. Good evening first lady, because of you, I know that my race is not defining who I am, or what I can accomplish.
For years, you've shown our nation countless times that through dignity, compassion and respect,
we can overcome any hardship.
Thank you for inspiring all Americans, including myself,
to continue to go high, even when the challenges of life make us feel low.
Thank you so much.
Did you prepare that ahead of time? Oh my God that was so beautiful.
-Oh my Goodness. -Oh my Gosh.
-Do you do this for a living? -No! -Think about me?
-Oh my Goodness! I am so surprised!
-This is not what I was expecting. I was eating pizza bites... now...what the...
-First lady Michelle Obama, thank you for making me a more confident woman.
You have helped me and inspired me to walk in my purpose.
Everyday I work to help women and underrepresented students get access to technology education,
and I love this work and I am good at this work.
And I would love to work for you one day.
-Really? You would? -Yes I... I would.
-You sound amazing! This sounds so awesome.
-Oh my Goodness, thank you for those kind words. - Thank you.
I feel the same way about you that I feel about the best teachers I've ever had.
Those special teachers that you never forget.
Because they realize the powerful influence they can have,
and I feel like that's what you've been to me and millions of people.
Not only in America but all around the globe.
-Henry. That was so sweet, oh my Goodness. Thank you.
-Thank YOU. Thank you so much.
-This is such a privilege to hear these words from you guys.
-Hi Jimmy. - That was the same reaction.
You are all class and a total inspiration to all of us.
And a major thing that I remember is during your mom dance segment, with Jimmy, when your totally outdoggied him.
It was amazing to see that a woman with her strength and kindness ... just amazing that you could have fun on camera.
- And we're gonna miss you so much. -How about a little more daggy?
-Oh my Goodness. It's really honor. -But what I love is that on camera, I am better than Jimmy Fallon.
I just wanna say, thank you. I'm a dad, so we have a lot in common cause we're both working parents.
I have two kids, and I wanna thank you because my daughter looks up to you, and I don't even think she knows exactly all the ways.
She has a salad bar at her school, and she tried it! So thank you for helping my daughter eat her vegetables.
I let her stay up and watch your speeches, but the reason that I do is because the thread that runs through your speeches is kindness, always kindness.
Speaking deep from the heart. That is the one value that I try to teach my kids.
-Wow.Thank you. -Thank you. My daughter is not going to believe this.
-I want you to meet this guy. -Are you surprised? -Aw yes!
-I love the story that she goes to the salad bar.
-Yes she's tried carrot! I.. seriously! When can she tries carrot? - I'm done!
-Hi Michelle, how's it going? Long time no see.
-Just wanted to stop by and say hello, and...
you know, just how much I've appreciated you as the first lady these last 8 years,
they really flown by, turn up for what right, right.
Got my fit-bit on, you got the kids moving, you even got me moving, I'm counting my steps everyday, which is really great.
But on the serious, you know, I really wanna thank you for the role model you've been as the first lady.
Any little girls know, no matter her beginning, she can ascend to limitless height.
Without further do, rar rar rar, tiger tiger tiger, sis sis sis, boom boom boom, awwww
Wow, Oh man!
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Michelle Obama Surprises People Recording Goodbye Messages to Her

20898 Folder Collection
Angel Cheng published on October 14, 2017
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