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  • we'll have judgments, you know, endlessly

  • because we've got ideas and opinions about everything

  • likes and dislikes

  • but what awareness does is, it doesn't say, okay, no judging

  • that's not what mindfullness is about

  • it's about welcoming the judging and holding that in awareness and

  • seeing how caught up we are, in our own likes and dislikes

  • how driven we are, by that kind of

  • impulse to clinging and to grasp and to self-identify, or

  • if you don't like it, if it's aversive, push it away, I hate this, I don't want this

  • this is frightening

  • and then who suffers? who suffers from that?

  • We suffer, we suffer if we cling, we suffer if we recoil

  • so, if this is about liberation from suffering

  • the only thing that can actually liberate us from our own delusion and our own craziness

  • and our own fear ,and our own lack of comfort in our own skin,

  • is this essence of being, that is already okay

  • it's not like the people who come to our clinic with cancer and heart disease and chronic pain and everything

  • they have all these major diseases and disorders

  • but we're not trying to take it away from them or fix it,

  • we're inviting them to put out the welcome mat for the full dimensionality of their experience,

  • befriend how it is in the body

  • even if that's the last place you wanna go

  • to turn towards the intensity of the pain in the body or in the heart

  • and to embrace it.

  • and when you do that, things shift

  • and very often the very body as well as the brain, and as well as the bones, as well as the skin

  • has its ear to the rail and

  • it starts to shift because we're one unified biological whole

  • we're an organism

  • and so when we align in a certain way with mindfulness

  • there's a way in which the physiology follows

  • now studies are coming out now that are showing that in eight weeks of training with MBSR

  • we have morphological changes

  • in all sort of brain regions

  • not just activity changes in the prefrontal cortex,

  • but actually morphological thickening in regions of the hippocampus

  • which is involved in learning and memory and also various other regions of the brain

  • that altogether actually collaborate

  • in allowing us to navigate our life and make wise, discerning decisions

  • about what's valuable, what's not valuable

  • what's gonna cause more pain, what's gonna cause more suffering, what's gonna cause greater happiness

  • and then to navigate that kind of way

  • so the research is pointing very much in that direction

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we'll have judgments, you know, endlessly

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