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  • When is the last time I washed this?

  • Sh*t! Have I ever washed this?

  • Secret Thoughts Women Have

  • Is that my period?

  • Oh, God! Am I bleeding through my pants?

  • Do I smell?

  • Oh, no, I was wearing this bra last time we hooked up too.

  • Now he's gonna think I only own one bra.

  • He thinks I'm disgusting.

  • Time to poop.

  • Of f*cking corpse!

  • Oh my... What? Do you two live here?

  • Can't you hang out outside of the bathroom?

  • Damn! I thought I had a hair tie.

  • I wonder what happened to all the hair ties I bought?

  • How on earth do I shed this much and still have hair?

  • Oh God! I just made direct eye contact with his penis!

  • I wonder what it would be like to have a penis.

  • Is one of my boobs bigger than the other?

  • Oh, yea, definitely is.

  • Oh my god, did I just pee a little or is that my period?

  • Or did I just get wet?

  • Am I secretly turned on?

  • This bitch thinks I don't know what she said about me three weeks ago.

  • Has he noticed my mustache?

  • Or maybe he is looking at that one extra long piece of hair on my chin.

  • Ooh! maybe I'll wear a dress today.

  • Ugh. Pants it is.

  • Damn, I should have washed my hair today.

  • Sh*t! Do my armpits smell?

  • Did I shave my armpits?

  • Am I pregnant?

  • Wait, I haven't had sex in two months, that's not possible.

  • Unless, I am the next immaculate conception.

  • Oh my god, no one would even believe me.

When is the last time I washed this?

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