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Over the last few weeks, I’ve been helping local builder, Dave Depencier
design a timeless kitchen for a new build in Dresden, Ontario.
Today is a great day.
The cabinetry is going in. This is where you really start to get a finished feel for the actual room.
It’s a great thing for me to have someone like Reiko as part of this because
she’s got some great ideas that I think everyone’s going to be very excited about when it’ll all done.
We’ve chosen the layout, we’ve created the kitchen design; and today is all about the cabinets.
In a kitchen, the cabinetry can be one of the most expensive parts of that room
so you want to make sure you know all the products and you know all the costs to those products
so that you’re able to make an informed decision.
Graham, I need some cabinets.
We have cabinets.
What kind of style were you thinking, material?
I have wood, laminate, wrapped thermofoil?
Well I want a high-end custom look, but I need it at an affordable price.
OK, I’ve got lots of options I think that would work.
I would probably recommend wrapped thermofoil, It does have that high-end look and feel to it.
I do have some samples if you want to see?
Shaker, perfect. I really like this.
Cabinetry is generally the most visible element in a kitchen
and therefore is responsible for the room’s overall look and design.
A Shaker profile has clean and simple lines and lends itself to just about any decor.
from traditional, to country, to contemporary.
The beadboard profile mimics traditional paneling and is perfect to achieve a cottage or country look.
A raised-panel profile offers the most detail in a door.
It’s a versatile look that can complement traditional, transitional and classic decors.
And really, you should choose a style that will work with the furniture and the accessories that will share the space.
For this project, I recommended our Owners Choice cabinetry line.
The walls and bases can be arranged in almost unlimited combinations
and it’s available in white, grey, maple and dark maple.
You really can install these cabinets yourself.
And you can add shelving accessories to make your storage even more functional.
It’s almost like having a custom kitchen without the big price tag.
In Dave’s kitchen, we’re installing both stock and custom built cabinets
and both are quality made through Home’s exclusive Owner’s Choice line.
As a builder the Home Installs program works very well for me.
It keeps everything in house and they have professionals that do all the estimating,
bringing the products in, as well as installing the products.
So it’s a very simple process for me.
Well-made drawers should support about 75 pounds when open.
Cabinets should measure at least ½ inch thick all around.
These are 5/8” thick.
You’ll also want your shelving to be 5/8” thick to prevent bowing.
Cabinet hardware is such an important element in the kitchen.
Some designers call it ‘the 'jewelry of the kitchen’.
To whether you want ornate or streamlined, you can find hardware to suit any style of kitchen.
It’s one of my favorite things to look for.
So with in this project, we’re doing 2 custom features.
One is the built in cover that covers the rangehood
and the other is the island that is made to look like a piece of furniture.
But to do the rangehood cover, we’re bringing some panels that match the exisitng cabinetry
as well as some door faces to make it look like it’s actually part of the cabinetry.
For the custom island, we’ve brought in 4 upper cabinets to keep the height proper
and we’re putting them together with a panel in between for stability
and four legs to be able to lift it off the ground to make it look like a piece of furniture.
I’m loving how this is turning out. It’s looks great with the doors on the front.
And it’s really a ton of storage when you think about it.
It is.
This is great.
The cabinetry is alomost complete.
The only thing we have left to do is to put the hardware on the doors and drawers,
adjust everything, finish up a bit of crown moulding,
and it’s done except the countertops.
What’s the next step?
All the flooring.
Great, can’t wait.
Did you order it?
I can’t…
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House & Home: Home Kitchen Design Pt. 4 - Cabinetry

1793 Folder Collection
Amy Chen published on January 6, 2017
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